Leaked Fusion GPS Testimony Clearly Shows They Were In Cohoots with FBI Insiders

The motivation behind the long-time Senator from California Dianne Feinstein’s leaking of Fusion GPS founder Glen Simpson’s testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee is unclear, but the questions it raises on the level of coordination between members of the FBI and the oppo research firm need to be fully answered.

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So does Tucker Carlson

An informed citizen might conclude that there wasn’t a hair’s separation between members of the FBI and Fusion GPS when it came to utilizing the Steele Dossier for political ends.

7 Comments on Leaked Fusion GPS Testimony Clearly Shows They Were In Cohoots with FBI Insiders

  1. It’s unraveling at a faster pace now. Fusion GPS has spent the last year putting off this testimony, and there was a lot of carefully considered, evasive answers by Simpson. More will be revealed in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Feinstein is retireing and figures they won’t do a damn thing. As much as I hate to admit it she’s right. She should have been suspended from that committee, had her security clearance suspended until an internal investigation was done by the toothless ethics board. There seem to be no rules for Democrats. In any event she released this report simply to sew confusion, especially with this “already somebody died” line from the Fusion witness. Now everyone is focused on figuring out who died and why with the latest being that ex-russian assistant to some spook. When the Fusion witness stated that that committee should have halted him right there and demanded answers as to who was dead and why the witness thought it was a result of this BS dossier. Now I’ll bet Dems will try to use that to prove the dossier was either accurate after all or that it was a tool the russians helped create to influence the election.

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