Left Goes After Jesse Watters For “Sexist and Misogynist” Joke – IOTW Report

Left Goes After Jesse Watters For “Sexist and Misogynist” Joke

22 Comments on Left Goes After Jesse Watters For “Sexist and Misogynist” Joke

  1. I kind of like the way she handles a microphone as well. But seriously, I would like for her to have a less prominent role in defining the policies of this administration. Her and her husband both.

  2. @Dadof4: Actually, I thought Chelsea handled that shitty comment very well.

    That’s assuming, of course, that the whole exchange wasn’t a setup.

    You never know these days.

  3. @ Vietvet True. Most certainly the awkward moment was when the statement was made, not how she handled it. But it was awkward. The crowd was – oh no she di’int!

    Right in her face.

    Betting the speaker isn’t invited to any more reindeer games.

  4. First thought was Huh? My second was “What penis joke?”

    I swear, if we didn’t have the left around to tell us what we should be outraged about, we’d have no clue. They probably see nekkid people fornicating in cloud shapes. There’s a psych term for that.

  5. I like Watters. And also trust him. While I don’t dislike Ivanka, I also don’t have much trust in her, either. She’s expressed some odd beliefs, IMO. Bottom line is, I wouldn’t select her or Chelsea as a heroine.

  6. I saw him make the comment on the show and cringed and I don’t have a dirty mind. I suspect Jesse is baiting Fox to fire him so he can negotiate a settlement and invest in the O’Reilly podcast. I’m so tired of conservatives giving libs the ammunition… If Newt hadn’t been cheating on his second wife while criticizing Bill Clinton, he would have made president. Libs aren’t competing for the moral high ground but they know America hates hypocrisy.

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