Lefties Celebrate Colt Ending Production of Civilian AR-15 A Little Too Quickly

The March For Our Lives stupidly cheered themselves thinking they had something to do with Colt discontinuing its line of civilian AR-15 production. Turns out the decision was made purely on economic (backlog of military and police orders) and competitive (there are lots of gun makers producing AR-15s for less than Colt was charging) grounds. More

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  1. OK I was half right. I wondered about military orders. I just never heard anything coming out of the Pentagon about this. But I guess they don’t have to tell MJA everything they do. lolz.

  2. Colt desperately NEEDS .mil contracts – and ANY nation will do.

    They’re mismanaged, & run according to burdensome CT laws and union rules. A move southward, and a whole NEW management team, would do them a WORLD of good.

    Otherwise, BCM is gonna KEEP blowing their doors off in the marketplace. 😳

  3. I always felt this was kind of a nothing announcement because as the article noted . there are lots of other manufacturers making AR15’s and better one too.

  4. They simply changed their production line to another product because it made sense to do so. You would think (no thanks to AP) that they were reducing production, but they aren’t.
    They left is so emotional they cling at the slightest possibility – and the media certainly helps them as it brings in eyeballs and dollars.

  5. FFs, I don’t remember this much hand wringing when Saturn closed their doors. There’s still around 500 companies that are producing the AR-15 platform .223 semi-auto rifle.

  6. Why not start calling them something else? Like Barney Fife Rifles or Petunia guns. Control the language control the people.

  7. When you can buy (or build) a perfectly functioning AR that will serve the needs of almost all owners and shooters that are below the competitive class of shooters for less than 500 bucks, expensive Colts have a limited appeal to most new owners that just want to have one for target practice and self defense.

    Budget AR’s have become really cheap and quite good over the last few years, forcing the higher priced brands out of the market for new owners.

  8. Seems I hit the nail on the head in the other thread.

    Can’t compete in a crowded market, at least not for a premium.

  9. Colts cage code is 13629. You can search any open military contract using that number. I find one open contract awarded in 2014 for a little over 2 mil. As far as I know, Remington picked up the contract for M4s.
    The AR market is saturated. Guns are selling way below where they should. Colt said in their statement they wanted to focus on handguns. That’s probably a smart move. That seems to be the hot market. Lets hope they can get their shit together and maintain some QC.

  10. Colt doesn’t exist on the mass murder scoreboard of weapons used. No statistical methods necessary, they have always been expensive for all their weapons. But unicorn farts smell lovely to the leftists.

  11. Colt has treated the civilian market like shit since the M16 days. That changed when they lost the M4 contract, but as mentioned above, they have filled that void with other large contracts. They are simply returning to their FU business model.

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