Leftist EV Dream is a Nightmare – Trucks Can’t Go 100 Miles – IOTW Report

Leftist EV Dream is a Nightmare – Trucks Can’t Go 100 Miles


Democrats have touted electric vehicles as the way of the future, but they have failed to address the setbacks of the still-developing technology. A new experiment has once again highlighted the problems leftists have failed to address.

Journalists from MotorTrend set out to test the towing capacity of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck, and their findings were less than inspiring.

From the start, journalist Eric Tingwall was less than confident in the truck’s towing abilities.

“With the largest available battery pack, a fully charged 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has less energy onboard than a regular F-150 with four gallons of gas in its tank,” Tingwall wrote.

Even with this knowledge, he wanted to test the electric truck for himself. He hitched the truck to a 2022 Grand Design Imagine 2910BH camper, which sleeps eight and weighs about 7,200 pounds.

He used the Platinum model of the Ford F-150 Lightning for the test, which costs $92,669.

Tingwall used MotorTrend’s usual methodology to determine the truck’s range, which consisted of setting the vehicle’s internal temperature to 72 degrees and turning the headlights and radio on.

That method, Tingwall wrote, simulates the way an average driver would use the vehicle instead of  “reaching for the maximum possible range.”

Tingwall traveled an established 80-mile route, then extrapolated the energy consumption data to determine the truck’s range on a full charge. With the 7.2000-pound trailer, Tingwall found the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning could make it just 90 miles.

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  1. Surprised it made it that far. Did they run the test on a Friday on a road leading up to the Lakes campground area which would have been up and down hills in stop and go traffic?

  2. BTW, I have yet to find on the web a real world cost of operation for EV’s, like how much did someone’s electric bill increase after getting one of those all electric Butt(igig) mobiles.

  3. EVs are another gov’t scam to skim $Billions from the taxpayers and shovel them to the pol’s cronies (and themselves, of course). No one with a lick of sense, some Physics, a Mathematics background, and a touch of Economics would aver that this nonsense is viable – or even desirable.

    Lysenko-ism writ large.


    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Exactly Ghost of Burner…Whats the Kilowatt cost to charge that monster battery (not to mention the time it takes) vs 4 gallons (20 bucks) in fuel. I bet the gas beats the coal powered turbine on that front too.


  5. Our over paid over lords don’t care they have deep pockets to reach into, ours. Strange how all tax increases always manage to pass.

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  7. I’d probably make it to the end of my road with my 14,000lb Grand Design Momentum.

    What a joke. As it is I can go 260 miles on a $100.00+ 26 gallon diesel tank. Bidengas™ is killing camping. Even this “lowering” of diesel prices lately is just Stockholm Syndrome.

  8. From the get-go, the problem with electric cars has been batteries and range. I doubt those problems can ever be overcome.

  9. It’s all designed to not work because you’ll need that camper to live in and you won’t need that truck when the government says you can’t own it. Bottom line: DON’T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.

  10. …sooo, what’s the range on an EV semi?

    ..can’t WAIT for the EV bulldozers to dig the lithium to come out too, not to mention the EV dump truck to haul the ore…

  11. Add another 2500#s for a diesel generator JIC the estimates are off by a couple of miles and you’re down to about 70 mile capacity.

  12. Every energy source on earth is stored energy from the sun. The earth is a huge battery. It’s science.

  13. I just wanna know how far you can drag a politician with his thieving hands tied to the back of a fully charged EV and his feet on the ground, and how fast.

    Let’s find out.

  14. Probably planned that way. They want us to go EV, but don’t want us having any fun, so stay home and slowly start to die.

    Wait till they start placing charging stations on MLK Blvd in every town…that’s when the fun begins.

  15. @SNS – Up in Northern MN mines the use Excavators that have electric motors and a really long, fat, power cord.
    The very large dump trucks are diesel, tho.

  16. There are kids in Brewster County, Texas who travel over 100 miles by school bus just to attend school.

  17. they’ll come out with a trailer option, to carry spare batteries, connected by a cable

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