Leftist Slips and Says What The Left Really Thinks

We need to disarm minorities. – Mike Bloomberg.

Let me say this as plainly as I can. Leftists think minorities are inferior. They always have.

Bloomberg gives away the game plan. In order to get the guns out of the hands of minorities, and not reveal their racism, they need to say they want gun control for everyone.

It’s the same thinking that is used when the TSA feels up 7 year-old blonde haired Swedish girls. They can’t simply say “we are going to check Muslims,” which is what, let’s face it, they are worried about. So they check everyone.

How viral do I want this Bloomberg story to go?

This viral- I am linking Dana Loesch.

ht/ bad brad (who apparently doesn’t know that the Loesches and I do not get along.) ((So, spread this story!!))

17 Comments on Leftist Slips and Says What The Left Really Thinks

  1. Well in all honesty, how can you expect them to respect those that have kept voting them into office generation after generation?

    They hate the rest of us for pointing it out and opposing the elites agenda.

  2. And “diversity” is their code word for their own racism. They think people of color are too inferior to make it on their own merit given the same opportunities as everyone else. Maybe this is why black people feel so angry and inferior because leftists are making them feel that way and also always telling them that white people are racist and hate them – when in fact the left are projecting their own racism onto conservatives. Also, lefty/communist politicians want to keep minority sentiments so they can have a voter base that they keep chained and stupid.

  3. You know California Nazi tried to pass legislation (with out us voting on it again) requiring all ccw’s have insurance and a raise in the permit fees over $500.00. They got sued and lost because they would be depriving lower income people of the ability to defend themselves. But Bloomers takes that to a whole new level.
    If your a Mex or Black, No Gun For You.
    Wada ass.

  4. Mikey Flower-Mountain.
    Latter day imitation of Gyorgy Schwantz.
    There are some things that he and Schwantz can’t buy,

    Respect and Honor are two.

  5. Look at what’s on his lapel.

    Strongest argument I’ve ever seen that wearing a flag pin doesn’t mean a thing.

  6. I hate this man.

    And speaking of the TSA feeling up 7 year old blond girls, that is exactly what happened to my second child, on her 7th birthday no less. Silver lining: my child embarrassed the shit out of the TSA agent by screaming, “Mommy, mommy, mommy…this fat old lady is TOUCHING ME INAPPROPRIATELY!” The pat down came to an abrupt end.

  7. Audio is awful. Not that there’s anything humorous at all in what that evil old schmuck is saying, you might get a laugh by turning on YouTube’s closed captioning. Sometimes it will give you a nice human-written transcript, but most often it is a computer’s guess at what the words are. In this video, it is the latter and there are some real howlers in there.

    I’d be grateful for a link to a transcript, too, if anyone finds one.

  8. The Democrats have just embedded their “new plantations” into the US with their parasitic Marxist doctrine. They suck the life out the Nation, hoping it will collapse so they can create a global Marxist order. Islam is just their current collection of useful idiots. Europeans have done the same damn thing. Leftists have and always be the most racist people on the planet and they project their sins onto everyone else every chance they can – which is a tenant of communism.


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