The Problem With Muslims

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  1. The real problem is that they emerged from their caves, and think they belong in the modern world, with people.

  2. I read a book a few years ago titled “In the belly of the green bird”, I forget the author, but holy crap does it really display just how damn stupid that race is. And.yeah, it’s inbreeding to no small degree, but a diet lacking in protein (evolutionarily speaking) is likely the start of it.

  3. Long ago, decades before 9.11, I heard elderly ministers describing Muslims as the descendants of an accursed Tribe that rebelled against God in the Old Testament, and whose curse eventually took the form of the demonic creed of Islam.
    So long ago I don’t recall details. I imagine others are better read on this school of thought.
    But “accursed by God” seems as accurate a description as any.

    With any luck this will end with neutron tacticals and not full-out conventional Nukes.

  4. You have no idea how true your post is, Fur. The muslims that come to the Mayo Clinic are usually brought here by their parents because they have mental and physical problems due to Mommy and Daddy being first cousins.
    I got that info from an insider, but it’s hush hush at Mayo because the Middle East(rich) parents usually donate huge sums of money to the Clinic.

  5. I read somewhere [probably “Bare Naked Islam” that 40% of married muslims in Dearborn are first cousins.

  6. I think what’s important is for the world to understand that there is IN FACT a serious world-wide PROBLEM with the muslim culture.

  7. Great visual, BFH. Sorry for being picayune, but shouldn’t the bread be flat bread shaped like a crecent moon and star – just sayin.
    Then again, most of your viewers are westerners, so a slice of loaf bread makes sense.

  8. Nothing like a good homophone . . . Fur’s outstanding in his field. Or maybe, he’s just out standing in his field. It’s anyones guess.

  9. that’s funny. but hey there are a lot of 1st cousins married in the Ozarks and swamps- but they never go around killing anyone or cutting off heads, Must be something else wrong with these muzzies. Could it be the book they read? I used to look at playboy years ago for the articles and I never went out and raped anyone. Humm,Maybe it has to do with their ancestors being in the sun to long and having to drink camel piss. I just don’t know- but as long as they keep killing each other I’m okay with their in-breading.

  10. Christian Americans don’t have problems with Buddhists or Hindus or Druids or Jewish folks.
    Why would we single out Islamists for loathing? Because they deserve it.

  11. The problem with Moslems
    That they are

    Substitute any word for moslem in the above statement.

    Like : rats, flies, mosquitoes
    or any other undesirable parasite.

    It matters not
    They are all the same


  12. Good work, BFH! But whole wheat’s too good for ’em. This is almost too obvious, but seeing that they are such Pains In The Ass, shouldn’t that be pita bread?

  13. There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a group here that’s clearly inbred
    A-telling me they’ll cut off my head
    I think it’s time we stopped
    Hey, watch that car
    Everyone yells “Allah Akbar”

  14. I went to a medical conference which covered a particular case which had 6 known diagnosed cases. They were all from the same village in the Middle East. The details of the case were amazing but directly related to inbreeding. I took away one important lesson – if your grandparents are brother and sister, and your parents are brother and sister, you ARE getting your picture in a medical journal!!

  15. Is there any terms for this marrying
    cousins 2nd cousins and then those sons
    & daughters marry more 3rd cousins twice removed
    then what the *&^)*&)*&^()*& comes next!

  16. Glad Southern Reality confirmed what I was told. I’m not a doctor, but I hang with them.
    Islam is a cult of immorality that will take down the world if we don’t stop them.
    And the leftists in America aren’t far behind them….


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