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Leftists literally bending for refugees


Leftist Norway politician Karsten Nordal Hauken was brutally sodomized by a Somali and felt so incredibly guilty in the aftermath he subsequently begged authorities not to deport the man.

Hauken has finally come out to tell the public his story of his rape and forgiveness, Norway’s public broadcasting channel NRK reports.


Immediately after the rape first occurred, Hauken was taken to the hospital in Oslo where nurses collected samples for DNA evidence. About six months after the rape, police completed their investigation. They secured the DNA and fingerprint evidence necessary to move the case forward.

In court, the Somali claimed the interaction was consensual, but Norwegian authorities begged to differ. The Somali went to prison for four and a half years.


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  1. That pretty much confirms everything we ever thought about leftists.They feel white people all deserve to take it in the ass.

    Is there anything more pathetic than a white male leftist?

  2. I’m not sure what disturbs me more, the fact that the dude that took up the poop chute supported his pitcher after the “crime” or the fact that his rapist found it good enough to leave his DNA inside the catcher…….

  3. Notice how much background information the story deliberately omits. Like how the sodomite met up with the other sodomite in the first place.

  4. Time for the Sons of Odin to disobey the local po-po and have two hangings. One for the mayor, one for the Quoranimal. Then make sure the bodies are left, undisturbed, hanging, for a few days to get the message across.

  5. I believe Lennon and McCartney handled this one decades ago:
    “It’s only love, and that is all.
    Why should I feel the way I do?”

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