Leftwing Cartoonist Depicts Kavanaugh’s Daughter Praying for Her “Sexual Assaulter Father” – IOTW Report

Leftwing Cartoonist Depicts Kavanaugh’s Daughter Praying for Her “Sexual Assaulter Father”


Left-wing reactionary doodler Chris Britt took what Kavanaugh said about his daughter praying for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and twisted it into something nasty and particularly defamatory.

Yeah, go on and scandalize the little daughter. If it’s politically profitable to you, why not?

Britt took the image of Kavanaugh’s daughter saying her bedtime prayers, and instead of depicting her praying for Dr. Ford, the artist drew her asking God forgiveness for her dad’s monstrous ways.

Kneeling down at the side of her bed, the little girl prayed, “Dear God, Forgive my angry, lying, alcoholic father for sexually assaulting Dr. Ford.”


You can see the cartoon here.

Here’s an equally disgusting defaming cartoon by Britt HERE.

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24 Comments on Leftwing Cartoonist Depicts Kavanaugh’s Daughter Praying for Her “Sexual Assaulter Father”

  1. At first glance I thought that was Kavanaugh’s HS pic. Then I googled Chris Britt. They look almost identical.

    Could Britt be the mistaken identity raper? Just saying. Need to float this out in the social ether and see what comes of it. Let Britt deny it.

  2. This action should not be unexpected when considering how Baron Trump, other Trump grandchildren, Palin’s son, and others haved fared.

    Given the nature of the political battlefield a response from the Kavanaugh familiy would only make things worse. They know were their hearts are and what their faith requires of them.

    This individual of questionable moral virture should have trouble looking into a mirror for shame but probably has no ability to recognize it.

    Again I call for us who know better to rise up, say no, and impose sanctions on these people who think they are beyond common decency.

  3. Lemme see if I got this right: The democrats are trying to flood America with Muslims who are notorious for raping anything and everything, especially children. And yet the democrats are all of a sudden concerned because Brett Cavanaugh hit on the easiest slut in Washington, D.C. 36 years ago?

  4. @ Hambone – correct, not surprised but he gets to hide behind his vail on being considered an artist, and like it or not the guy is.

    Cartoonists / Illustrators are FAMOUS for it. Art has always breached the uncomfortable.

    Political cartooning started with a piece of charcoal on a wall in a cave.

    Very few percentage of artists actually represent their politics in their art, well except for BFH here on IOTW…that is!

    @BFH – Can we have our little contest, calling on all artists, photoshoppers, writers and others, to represent this POS? Twitter types?

    For instance, can someone very crafty on IOTW can make a voodoo doll? You, BFH, post the pic, we could print it out with a template, make our own and instead of pins we can use course thread 1-1/4″ sheet rock screws?

    Up his rectum? And through the pee hole?

    Am I now in the gutter now rolling around with them?

    I DO NOT mean to invoke the devil or sick shit, but this is what we are dealing with here.

    Paging St. Michael, we need you to SMYTHE these bastardos!



  5. @Charlie WalksonWater October 1, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    > things have taken a different turn in Michigan

    In Michigan? Without posting it on Facebook? Without running around in the street, screaming Aloha Snackbar!? For lots of YouTube videos. Without awaiting the opportunity for martyrdom by cop? And seventy-two per-pubescent virgins. That seems so, un-Michigan. Maybe New Michaganians really do want to assimilate. And start to behave like heritage Americans. I mean Old Americans. You know, before the progs and the cucks.

  6. I went to Wiki to see what the scoop is on Chris Britt and his wiki page that has him coming from Illinois and mentioning some awards etc. Then I noted that the initial description is “Chris Britt is a nationally syndicated Boy Diddler.” Maybe someone got in before me and crapped on it – but if wiki says it – you must believe!

  7. Once again, a queer eye leftist misconstrues an innocent, genuine expression of Christian faith in an attempt to make a godless, socialist statement.
    BTW, this leftist “cartoonist” sucks. His color palette is various hues of mud, the perpective is off and a first grader draws cleaner lines.

  8. @ Jack Duggin Was His Name – did the same, but it said something about FISTING.

    Help me Jesus for posting that!


    I took a pic of the screen to prove it.

    Hopefully those MAGA internet sleuths are ON IT.


    @99th – good criticism of the eye but again the part of the art is the provocative part…I DO NOT like it but it hits a nerve.

    The Ole What is Art question.


  9. Heartless and sacrilegious, I hope to God that I never stoop so low as to mock a child praying for her enemies… because the enemies of a small girl’s father is also her’s. Common sense.

  10. Luke 6:35

    But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.


    Well done to the little Kavanaugh girl.


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