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Lefty Propaganda Mill Shuts Down


Left-wing billionaire Jeff Skoll’s woke film studio Participant is reportedly shutting down operations and eliminating most of its staff — the latest victim of Hollywood’s sharp downturn that has seen a bloodbath of layoffs and budget cuts.

Participant, founded in 2004, often financed projects with social justice and globalist themes, including former Vice President Al Gore’s climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth and its sequel. Other titles include the Obama’s Netflix documentary American Factory and the Ruth Bader Ginsburg doc RBG. More

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  1. None of which has ever seen my money
    Probably why they’re going bankrupt

  2. Stopped going to movies when actors decided to go into politics. I just want actors to act, singers to sing, musicians to play. Hollywood doesn’t seem to get the silent outrage so many Americans feel. The only way they will understand is in drop of revenue. So the masses will protest by not spending money.

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