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Libertarian Horror Movies

It seems a lot of the films in the horror genre would be quickly resolved with the proper application of the 2nd Amendment. Watch

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  1. Are libertarians cool with the 2nd Amendment?
    All I ever hear from them is to make every drug imaginable legal and easily obtained.

  2. Jurrasic Park would have been a lot shorter if somebody mentioned that rack of a dozen SPAS-12 shotguns earlier.

  3. @Loco, they are not only cool with the Second Amendment but the Mises Caucus (the largest coalition of the LP) even addresses it in it’s Statment of Principles;

    “We advocate the non-corporatist transition of defense and security services from the State to the free market whenever and however feasible, including the abolition of all laws regulating private ownership of firearms.”

    Interestingly, the LP is known (thanks to drug fiends like Joe Rogan) for their promiscuous stands on drug use but nowhere in their “Statement” do they even mention drugs, only mentioning,” One’s lifestyle is merely an extension of one’s property rights.”

    I prefer a government more centered around the principle that natural rights are rights granted by God but as secular institutions go, this ain’t half bad.


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