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Why Is the FBI Hiding Seth Rich’s Computer?

American Thinker

The Epoch Times reports on the continuing efforts by the FBI to hide the contents of Seth Rich’s computer, and while I am not sure why, the reasonable assumption is that to disclose this material would, as a number of experts have long contended, prove that Mueller’s claim that the DNC computer was hacked by Russians was of a piece with the entire nonsensical and disproven claims that Russia conspired to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. More

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  1. It’s just a part of the ongoing criminal conspiracy that DOJ and the FBI operates under. Just move along folks, nothing to see here.

  2. The same reason Bush’s boy Comey gave Clinton a pass 6 years ago. The same reason “Bush Republicans” are sending $billions to Ukraine to protect Hunter.

    Reason is UNIPARTY

  3. Because he’s the DNC Wiki=Leaks leaker.
    And Seth Rich’s death was a hit job.
    He didn’t kill himself.

  4. I know the federal trolls attempt to make me look like a crank on pyeote, but this Ole federal Injun knows where some bones are buried.

    Our federal government is corrupt from top to bottom. It went into overdrive after Reagan when they vowed a President like him would never interfere with their plans again.

    Reagan made many mistakes trusting the Demonrats and got completely rolled by them on immigration and amnesty.

    Then we got Bush Sr, Billy Boy, Shrub and worst of all the Kenyan Queer but they were all satanic globalists.

    The fact that PDJT got elected meant someone even better than Reagan got elected over the Satanic High Priestess and the Luciferians went literally insane.

    They tried every dirty trick in the book, finally unleashed an actual plague, and he still won. So they stopped the count in 5 swing states until the correct amount of phony ballots could be produced and a dipshit demented pedophile who never wmerged from his basement somehow won.

    It’s was complete and utter horseshit of course, we all recognize this because we are highly intelligent patriots, but many of you were not aware of the extent of their reach, absolute power, and corruption until two total imbeciles were installed.

    Now they are just rubbing our faces in it, I suspect that they still have something up there satanic sleeves for the midterms but maybe not.

    Regardless you can be assured that the Lord God Almighty, his Son the dear Lord Jesus Christ, and the divine Holy Spirit are on our side because this really is a spiritual battle before the end of days.

    The CIA took over the information stream and used the advent of television to instate the narrative to control America minds and mass indoctrination began in 1948.

    They never relinquished control ofvtge media and own and funded big tech, abd the interwebs, but it has now gotten away from them.

    They are losing the narrative, Osama Bin Laden was trained and funded by the CIA in 1983. They work for the cabal not America, just like all the western intelligence agencies do.

    Clinton wanted to pull the trigger after OBL went rogue in 1993, the CIA stopped him 9 times from pulling the trigger.

    How do you think 18 terrorists got here and pulled that off?

    Do you actually think they were not detected. Please.

    My hope is that PDJT will be restored to his rightful place and this time have no swamp rats guiding and thus sabotaging hus every move.

    The America people are finally actually becoming fully aware of how Satan now controls the uniparty, DC. and all blue states and cities and we are starting a second peaceful revolution at the bsllot box. This time against Lucifer and his globalist minions. On Nov 8 the red wave is going to inundate the Luciferians and sweep those vipers from power so completely it may be decades before they can wage a comeback.

    Then in 2024 PDJT can finally wash out the Agean stable of DC and restore America to glory.

    I will give you proof of God’s power over Satan. CW3 Evan my nephew in law died sux times yesterday from the clot shot. Tracheaotomy, paddled six times back to life. Today they stood him up and his brain scan came back clean.

    Praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I am forever in your debt IOTW critters because prayers work, it’s an actual miracle. The boy was a believer and didn’t want the shot but the Luciferians forced in on him.

    Well not this time Satan. get behind us all and take your viper trolls with you. Now I’m praying thus miracle will bring his liberal wife, my Niece, to God.

    Thank you all again. In Jesus Holy Name, amen.

  5. why? Cuz there’s incriminating evidence on it.
    Probably a LOT too… on democRATz!

    When Republicans take over I sure want to see them grow spines and sacks and make some serious demands to release the Seth Rich information, the Epstein list and J6 political prisoners!!

  6. They’re hiding it, because they shot the Seth Rich in the back to prevent him from passing along info to Julian Assange. What’s the mystery? And you thought you lived in AMERICA? Forget it – that country is long gone.

  7. Seth Rich had to die to push the Trump/Russia collusion narrative that claims the Russians hacked the DNC computers to aide Trump. In reality, Seth Rich had access to all those e-mails in his role as DNC e-mail server administrators. Seth Rich was a Sanders supporter and was pissed at how the DNC fucked over Sanders. Seth Rich took the data and sent it to WikiLeaks. This means that Seth Rich could prove the Trump/Russia collusion narrative was bullshit. Therefore, the FBI hired out an ex-FBI thug named Shawn Henry, who ran the company CrowdStrike that got to see the servers while FBI agents could not. I’d wager good money that Henry had Rich murdered in order to make the Trump/Russia collusion narrative viable.

    Rich’s family went along with the preferred narrative because they’re committed democrats, which means they’re 1) stupid and 2) more loyal to the party than their own kind, like all communist motherfuckers.

  8. Cisco Kid
    OCTOBER 31, 2022 AT 6:32 PM

    Glory to God in the highest for the miracle he’s wrought in CW3 Evan! Only the Hand of God guiding those healers could have salvaged a man who was in such desperate need, placed a wife in his bed who knew what to do and could set her fear aside to do it, gave him an uncle who could pray him through with an unshakable faith, and shown such mercy that down time that could have killed or crippled him has instead been turned aside!

    Make no mistake that this recovery will take time, and the Lord moves in his time, not ours, but the Lord has set him on a path that will lead to full and complete healing.

    Praise the Lord for this, and for making His sign that He has not withdrawn His Spirit from this earth yet.

    Dear Lord, we thank You and we praise You for the healing You have wrought that no man could have done without You. We thank You that You have made Your sign on CW3 Evan, that he may be a testimony to Your mercy and by his life restored lead others to Your side in recognition of Your healing and Your reward of the faith of CK and many others who even from the start recognized Your hand lining up his healing and said as much even as he was still unconcious. We thank You and praise You as his Ultimate Physician, and pray that You keep him from hurt, harm, and danger as You conclude the healing in him and restore him to the bosom of his family as a sign of Your love for them all.

    In the mighty name of Jesus we pray,

    God Bless,

  9. Cisco Kid
    OCTOBER 31, 2022 AT 6:36 PM
    “Sorry about all the typos, and the long message.”

    Never apologize for a praise report. Shout it from the mountaintops as loud and often as you like, to bring encouragement to us and despair to the minions of the devil.

    Thank you for your passing this on, to God be the glory, always.

  10. Amen SNS, the devil didn’t win this time, the Lord is not done with this Patriot yet.

    All praise be to God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for your support IOTW critters. This wicked world us full of believers still.

    The wicked will not prevail in their iniquities.

    I fubar up so much because my large hands and fingers press to many letters on this tiny ass keyboard.


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