Libs Go Berserk Over Children’s Book – Want It Banned


Please stop promoting and selling the children’s book, “I Want to Be Bacon When I Grow Up.” We should not be teaching our children the ridiculous and cruel notion that pigs or any other animals would aspire to being killed for their meat. We should be helping our children retain their innate compassion and respect for all living beings.

Pigs are sentient and intelligent animals who do not, in fact, want to be bacon when they grow up. Like you and me and the children who are the target market for your book, pigs want to live their lives in love, joy and freedom. To teach children otherwise is deceitful, cynical and callous.

See the petition HERE 28,671 have signed.

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  1. “pigs want to live their lives in love, joy and freedom”

    wow oh wow, the mental illness runs deep in this one!

    how does she know what pigs want? can she talk to them?

    you can tell the people who have not spent much time in the outdoors watching wild animal behavior.

    she also probably thinks that if we send all the illegal aliens home she will have to clean her own bathroom,
    minorities need more welfare to feel better about themselves
    and planned parenthood doesn’t encourage commitment free youthful sexual encounters that result in abortions of which the provider would never sell the dead baby parts to government sponsored research labs.

  2. More acceptable titles:
    “I want to be sold as tissue when I grow large enough.”
    “I want to marry a pig or a goat or whatever the F*&# I want when I grow up.”
    “I want to grow into something different than I am but surgery is the only answer”

  3. Who was that retard vegetarian who expressed she is a vegetarian except she enjoys a little bit of bacon every now and then? And was completely unaware that it takes an entire pig to generate a “little bit of bacon.”

    Pigs are bred to be bacon & ham. The dogs love the hooves, ears, and noses. The lips and assholes are in hot dogs these retards probably consume.

  4. So, start a petition to to forbid James Hirst to continue with, or to start any new petitions.

  5. Let us board this ramshackle logic train and take it to the end of the line.
    Things that are counter to the Party Line are fit to be censored, the originators scorned and/or jailed
    Anthropomorphism (ascribing human traits to animals and stuff) should be made illegal, and it’s purveyors jailed..unless of course one ascribes to said animals the desires and motives that resonate with the Party Line. Then it is wholesome.
    One person’s view trumps the entire world’s view when it embodies the ‘Opinion of the Day’
    Apparently no one else in the entire world has the strength of will to walk past a book that might give them ideas that are counter to the Party Line. So we must crusade to have these books banned because the public will fall prey to these insidious ideas.
    The Left is convinced that you cannot think for yourself, so they will do it for you, and will provide you with acceptable viewpoints.

  6. Another take on That Guys joke

    I had a pet pig when I was a kid. He was the best companion I ever had … but he was even better as lunch

  7. Final take on That guys joke

    Inspector for the ASPCA goes to check on a report of a pig with two front legs missing. Just as he mentions the pig to the owner the owner interrupts saying

    “Let me tell you about that hog. Smartest damn critter I ever owned. You heard about horses that can count by stamping their hoofs. Well, that critter can do partial differential equations the same way.”

    “But what about it’s le-”

    “And so loving. A few years ago my daughter had a bout with pneumonia. That critter stayed by her bedside until she was able to get up and go back to school. Refused to move

    “But its legs …”

    “And one time, it saved all our lives when it smelled the start of a fire with that sensitive snout and it burst into our house squealing up a storm. Woke us all up just in the nick of ti-”

    “But SIR! It’s missing it’s two front legs!! How did that happen.”

    “Well shoot, son. You gotta critter that valuable … you ain’t gonna eat it up all at once.”

  8. Well, there it is:

    If I don’t like the story, I won’t read it.

    If THEY don’t like the story, it’s gotta be BANNED.

    How bout we take our country back, and throw all the idiots out?

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