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Life With Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors will not see themselves in this skit, but it’s spot on-

jerks looking for grievances and seeing others as the jerks everywhere they look.

I’m concerned with the girl at the end of the clip that yells “yaaaaaaaa” at the end. Is she endorsing what takes place in the scenario?  She just might be a SJW that doesn’t know that the guy returning the sweater isn’t the bad guy.

It reminds me of a scene in King of Queens which really irritates me. Arthur, the annoying father-in-law is playing Monopoly with his son-in-law, Doug.

Doug explains that Arthur has gotten a few things wrong with his game play.

So, like a child, Arthur throws the game in the air.

Listen for the SJW in the audience that sides with Arthur.

“Got to fight the man, man.”

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