lil’ Kim Starts New Year Off With A Bang

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, declared that he had a red button on his desk to launch nuclear weapons to anywhere in The Untied States, but wouldn’t use it just yet, because he wants to send a delegation to the winter Olympics in South Korea this year.  More

In celebration of the dictator’s new paper weight, the army of North Korea paraded through their capital to the accompanied by the Gap Band’s “You Dropped A Bomb On Me.  Watch

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  1. I am glad we have a more sophisticated system for launching a nuclear attack than North Korea. Lil Kim could start one just reaching across his desk for a fifth Bonbon.


    They taunt as Sun Tzu says, “When you are weak, pretend you are strong, when you are strong, pretend you are weak.”

    They also take things PAST the 11th hour. It’s not just the 11th hour and 59th minute, they will negotiate when your missiles are in the air headed for Pyongyang, THEN they will pick up the phone and say, “Could you detonate those missiles before they hit? We have decided to come to the negotiating table. Thanks!”

    When they think they are right, they will bang their shoe on the table, then when proven wrong, they will sit down and say, “Oh, really? Ok.”

    When you beat their arse, they will curl up in a ball and play victim. “You didn’t have to do THAT, we didn’t really mean it!”

    They like to play games like this. The only alternative is to sniper the guy, or make sure you pulverize him so no one gets any funny ideas about retaliating. They’ll back down.

  3. What is that pig’s problem? His people are terrorized and starving but he is obviously well fed. What, exactly, did we do to him?

  4. “The button is on his desk!” Yeah, like he could actually FIND the button, buried under a dozen empty KFC buckets, bowls of kimchee, dozens of old rib bones and bottles of wine!


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