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  1. The next big shi. I’ll stop there in respect for the women and soft hearted men that are here. Yea I’m talking to you Loco and Moe Tom. LOL

  2. The comment I left on uhm, another site.

    I think today’s decision was the informal notice to the lunatics that it is now open season on the rest of the world.

    I’m out.

  3. Tom, that America is not gone. You need to look hard for it. Ask Biggy to send me you’re email and I will start forwarding some Young Warrior Instagram stuff. I swear, they may be our only hope. The shit they post gives me hope. But I can tell you this, that America still exists because of our military which Obama is trying to destroy. To late, these guys exist.

  4. Or get an Instagram account and I’ll post the links. Get ready for a good abb work out because some of these young pups are pretty damn funny. But there all about the flag and the oath. Our only hope I think.

  5. What??

    They are called Hemorrhoids. Sometimes they are voluntary and don’t happen monthly.

    Eat spicy greasy food, lift some heavy items, get the shits and over wipe. I’ll send a snapshot of the results on T.P., #livetweetyourperiod

  6. SleepySpice?
    More like Retarded Rosemary.

    Oh let me just put a bookmark on this day and go to bed. lol.
    Night night, you guys.

  7. I don’t know what’s keeping me from loading a pack mule and heading out into the wilderness far away from any city or road. Don’t even have to ask my dogs, they are ready to go right now.
    The new standards of civilization are insane!

  8. so now has “transgenderism” officially jumped the shark?

  9. Good grief! Like their colons weren’t enough already!!

  10. I already know too much about these people’s private lives. Oh make it stop!

  11. Well, I actually enjoy reading these kinds of nutty tweets – let all the nuts come out of the jar so we can laugh at them.

    This is an example of the phrase ” give ’em enough rope to hang themselves.” Let their idiocy shine forth!

  12. I’m starting to get PMS just from reading about this.

  13. “Feels like a woman?”

    What, has menstrual cramps?
    Gets PMS?
    Worries about getting pregnant?

    No, dude, I don’t think you feel like a woman. If you knew what it really felt like to be a woman, you’d run screaming back to man-land.

    – Name Redacted(TM)

    (I keep this quote handy to throw in the faces of any ‘tard who thinks these freaks are normal.)

  14. @ Bad_Brad, is “Young Warriors” a handle to look for on Instagram? I’m all for casting a wider net online, esp since I never know when another failbook acct will get shut down.

  15. rosalindj, Look here tomorrow. On my self phone now. I’ll list some guys to follow. They are all Patriots, some different colors but all pissed.

  16. Try going to Rangerup on Instagram and looking at his last post. Right now. It will make you feel good.

  17. You mean the main one, nothing added & no spaces? DL the app (bit of a pita on the ipad), so I’m there.

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