Liz Cheney Slated To Become Top Ranking Female House Republican

Daily Caller: Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming is poised to win the GOP leadership election on Wednesday to become the party’s third-ranking member as the Republican conference chair.

Cheney is running unopposed following GOP Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s decision not to re-run for the seat. Consequently, the Wyoming congresswoman will be the only female in the party to hold a leadership position.

As GOP conference chair, Cheney will be at the foreground of House Republican communication strategies, according to The Associated Press. Her responsibilities should include fostering the party’s message and organizing regular meetings. As Democrats are slated to take over the House, the GOP is eyeing a more commanding method of communication. more here

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  1. .45-70

    You bet. Most people forget he wrote his fair share of Reagan speeches. Love him, love his wife, love his kids. even the gay one. Besides, who do you know that’s had that many heart attacks and is still breathing? LOL
    The guys a Patriot.

  2. Background

    What most people don’t realize is the Internet is like a piece of paper. You can right what ever the fuck you want on it. That link is some leftard shit. I KNOW Dick Cheney. Been following him since Reagan. Like 45-70 says, he should have been President instead of the idiot.

  3. Liz Cheney is fine. But if President Trump and his DOJ do not put a MOAB size hammer down on election fraud over this election then I’m done with caring, because it won’t make a difference. This is third world crap and I don’t see anything being done. We knew it was coming, they knew they were going to do it, they did it, and it is going through. Stick a fork in us, we’re done.

  4. joe6pak

    My thoughts exactly. In fact I might lose a lot of faith in DJT. I’ll need a good explanation for not seeing people prosecuted. They broke Federal Election laws too. So WTF? I’m getten real worried.

  5. And, reports are some of the migrants are at the border, and crossing. I’ve had it! We are so hopeless that even Trump can’t mobilize the federal government into defending our country. Is it up to civilians, talk about a deep state wet dream.

  6. I’m pretty close to walking away from being an engaged, and informed citizen, to being an uninvolved, out for myself, take advantage of every loophole, even if it’s wrong, sun of a gun. You wouldn’t believe how honest my wife makes me, and she is getting fed up too.

  7. joe6pak

    Yea, My better half just shocked the hell out of me. A come to Jesus moment after visiting relatives in AZ. I’ll share it with you tomorrow. Not what you expect.

  8. Liz Chaney inherited her fathers superb debating skills, and she will skewer the dems when confronted. I’ve seen her in action several times and she is formidable.


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