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Liz “they’re gonna put you back in” Cheneys

I asked Siri, “Where does Liz Cheney live?”

“Wyoming,” Siri said.

I asked Siri, “What is the state with the least amount of black people?”

“Wyoming, ” Siri said.


I asked Siri, “How many Jews are there in Wyoming?”

Siri said, “The Jewish population in Wyoming is about the same as the number of people that attend a Biden Rally.”

(It’s actually 0.20% of the population.)

Liz Cheney lives in Wilson, Wyoming.

97.68% White – 0.08% African American

Just sayin’.

12 Comments on Liz “they’re gonna put you back in” Cheneys

  1. More and more like Hillary every day, in every way. The only thing she’s not missing is a shoe.

  2. Well Ms RINO, if “History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse.”
    Then don’t fergit the one that sez “Actions speak louder than words”!

  3. She thinks she’s important. It’s a problem with the children of powerful people some times. The apple may not fall far from the tree but often it rots on the ground rather than fruiting into anything.


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