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New White House Press Secretary Off To a Faceplanting Start

This is ridiculous.

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  1. The “rich” already pay all the taxes. 50% of the USA population pays no federal income taxes and a lot of them in the lower half get tax credits. Corporations that are taxed more will pass their costs to the consumers. Stupid democrats, leading is for business people not Marxists.

  2. Everyone should pay some amount of taxes…..
    It’s the old skin in the game argument…..
    Without skin in the game…..
    I could give a shit about the game.

  3. “Fair share, fair share, fair share.”

    It would be much more “fair” if we had a flat tax where everybody paid something, and I mean everybody – even the poorest of the poor, so that everyone has skin in the game.

    Wealthiest paying their “fair share” just means they want the wealthy (who have worked hard to get what they have) to pay more and more and more and more. Nothing fair about that.

    Discussions can be had about the ultra wealthy and if the way they arrived in that category is fair, but then we would need to look closely at members of congress (Nancy Pelosi, et al) and how they could possibly make so much money on their salaries. That is a different discussion entirely.

  4. She needs to stress the importance of the passage of time.

    Otherwise, she seems fine. Cuter than the Zuckerberg clone with the alien sex organs.

  5. In my experience, when someone starts and answer with “Look…”, their back is against the wall, is playing pure defense and has no real answer.

    The “ums” and “you knows” don’t lend much creedence to her answers either.

  6. That answer reminded me of Howie Mandel’s new game show on Netflix – it’s actually called BullSh!t. She can easily be a FAILED contestant on the show.

  7. Now who can argue with that? I think we’re all indebted to Karine Jean-Pierre for clearly stating what needed to be said. I’m particularly glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech.

  8. Do they have a drum of buzz words that these assholes reach into before taking the stage?

    Anyways she’s perfect.

    They haven’t missed a beat replacing Penski with this meatbag.

  9. Biden’s not entirely wrong in his tweet, but let the cat out of the bag. Honest answer:

    Look , we’ve umm sucked as much out of the top 50% as we can. By taxing the corporations they raise our tax revenue by passing their taxes onto the poor, middle and upper class and we look like the the good guys for sticking it to the evil corporations. Win win am I right. More revenue, less printing lower inflation. Booyah!

  10. Of course she is, TRF. She’s scared shitless. And she won’t be having a bowel movement for about 72 hours now.

    Give her time to clear her bowels and reveal what she’s really like.

  11. I think she did a good job internally translating what she wanted to say into the Non-Answer that she actually let out of her mouth.

    In her head she was hearing, “Doocy, you white ass mutherfucka, you be so lucky dey gots da TV people here or I be bustin a Cap in your fuckin ass and stompin yo head on da curb whit you bullshit maff & shit!”

    She did quite well making it Family Viewing.

  12. The Biden administration is searching for another black/hispanic female/male who is either a transgender or other assorted pervert to step before the press corps.

    How about Don Lee-Moan of CNN? He’s a serial liar that could replace Jan Pu-suki. He’s black, pervert and a liar, perfect for the Biden Team.

  13. Based on the ‘Peter Principal’ she’s peaked…..She was very good as a black lesbian.

  14. “…an America that is equal for everyone, that doesn’t leave everyone behind…”

    What a blithering, sloganeering, Affirmative Action dolt.

  15. She must have gone to The Barky Obama School Of Speech. Also, I be diggin on her fright wig, you know?

  16. @ General Malaise
    I was thinking that they focus on the ‘passage of time’ because they want the statue of limitations to run out?

  17. Is she the first graduate from the Kamala Harris School of Public Speaking?


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