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Lone Star Tick Can Ruin Your Whole BBQ


Lone star ticks can be found throughout Florida and Georgia. While all ticks are concerning as they can spread diseases like Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, the lone star tick can cause you multiple issues — including a disease that can make you allergic to meat. More

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  1. I got the Lyme shots years ago, then they stopping giving it because of side effects, lucky me. Step right up and take a jab and be Ginny pig for others.

  2. yep. fuckers are no joke. caught the meat allergy,had to quit all mammal meat, normally eat it 2-3 times a day. after 10 months I ‘grew out of it’ so can eat bacon and steaks and such again. didn’t get the full blown anaphylaxis but had a rash for almost 2 years before they figured it out. I know others that have suffered for years. it’s terrible. probably one of faucis wonderful bioweapons. kind of like the theory that Lyme disease originated on plum Island.

  3. My father and I caught an early variant of it out on the west coast. I was raised in a deer hunting family, lots of venison. Freezer was filled in fall and we ate it all winter. At 17 I bagged a nice 4 point coast black tail. Couldn’t eat it. Every time I ate some I got sick. Then I started having trouble with commercial pork…

    It got slightly better over time. I can get away with a couple slices of bacon these days. Everything else is beef, chicken/turkey, or fish… 🙁

  4. Link to original article added. Apologies

    There are images of the little beasty with its white spot on the back. Hope I never see one up here. We’ve got enough problems already they Lyme Disease.


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