Look At these Antifa Dirtbags – Is This What We Want This Country Looking Like?

They were arrested for doing what Antifa does best—  disrupt, destroy and make society infinitely worse for their existence.

The purple-haired wreck can be seen below. This bint hilariously yells at a guy, who she is repeatedly spitting at and punching, that he is “inherently violent.”


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  1. I watched the video of the disgusting pink-haired girl..this is way beyond politics. The left has assembled a group of mentally-defunct psychos who have no clue about issues or even how to find their way thru the day.

  2. I saw the spitter video posted a few times this morning with headlines saying something about it being the “feel-good video of the day.”

    Wrong. That’s a feel-meh video. A feel-good vid of that nut would have shown her, with no outside help, tripping over her own feet and slamming face-first into the pavement breaking her nose and all her front teeth.

    It took me a little while to realize of those six mug shots, only the top left and top right are guys.

  3. Looking at the pictures, I’m counting 4 males and 2 females. But when I read the names it’s different. These are some screwy times!

  4. Fifty years of atomic testing teratogenic effects. Wailing mutant offspring roaming the streets like rabid varmints, suboids unfit even as landscape fertilizer.

  5. i know they are a bunch of Godless misfits even God haters and screwballs from every walk of life but just at least say a little prayer for them. They are totally and almost permanently lost.

  6. The fact that none of them have been maimed or killed yet speaks to the fact that the good guys are a pretty peaceful bunch. That will change, its inevitable. Then the media will start a full court press describing what a lawless bunch we are.

  7. @Jimmy Yup, sad but true. The likely also attend comic cons. Are they fighting for the betterment of a utopian society (Star Trek) or against The Empire (Star Wars)?

    Right now, they are the Resistance (the Left’s favorite buzzword on Twitter) fighting against The Empire … yet they want more government which is the Empire…how can they be the Resistance? So confusing!


  8. The people who determine what goes into the DSM have obviously nixed the category “sociopath”. Now they are just called antifa. Just like everything else on the Left, it’s not just a matter of “normalizing” deviant behavior, it’s glorifying and revering it now.

    We now have the answer to how Hitler came to and maintained his power. His acolytes were also social misfits, perverts, nut jobs, addicts, sadists, the perpetually angry, mentally deficient, and morally bankrupt. Same with Mao’s Red Guard. People find a way to fit in with some kind of group of like-minded, like-behaving people.

  9. Social rejects, criminals and mentally ill rejects looking for attention being used by the Left.
    Or… just in time for the season: Escapees from the Island of Misfit Toys…

  10. Trans-genderism, nihilism, socialism, Globaloney-ism, all … ALL … are indices of mental illness.
    And it is incurable.
    They have transcended reality and occupy an interstitial void in the space-time continuum that floats between light and shadow – that knows only anger and hate – where rationality and predictability are non-existent. A psychotropic nightmare of Hellish hallucination.

    Alas – imprisonment won’t help them. They cannot be rehabilitated.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. So the Walking Dead is a reality show then?

    Keep pushing Antifa. Sometimes the results of what you wish for are not what you think they will be.

  12. I think someone should be squirting them down with lighter fluid and then flic their bics to keep them at bay. If they attack at that point oh well.

  13. someone call the blue haired girl’s mother
    oh wait,her mother is marching in the pink pussy hat march holding a sign that says f.ck you

    ok,call her dad,oh wait,he is hiding in a closet shaking

    oh and don’t forget these antifa get paid and have prepaid lawyers waiting to post bail

  14. I would have punched her. Over and over. But then I used to be a liberal and sometimes those old feelings come back and take over.

  15. Illustr8r November 20, 2018 at 2:18 am

    Yep, at the very least I think they took a bunch of things way too literally…Peace-Love…Age of Aquarious…No Hope Without Dope…Star Wars…Star Trek…fighting the establishment….Save The Planet…they are either crazy, drugged up, or warped…the one on the lower right looks like a silly old Hippie trying to salvage something from a useless and misspent life…

  16. Pushy Galore November 20, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    I used to be a liberal too…I can get a bit nostalgic for past decades (its mostly the music), but not enough to relive them…The Bible is my drug of choice.

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