Senate Dems Release Letter Opposing Pelosi as Speaker

LZ: House Democrats who oppose House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s becoming the next speaker released a letter on Monday detailing their opposition to her.

“We are thankful to Leader Pelosi for her years of service to our Country and to our Caucus,” said the letter, which was obtained by Politico.

“She is a historic figure whose leadership has been instrumental to some of our party’s most important legislative achievements.”

Pelosi is assumed to be the next speaker, given her past experience.

She previously served as speaker for a few years before conservatives were able to regain control of the House. She continued her role as the party leader in the chamber afterward as minority leader.

But there’s been a growing movement among progressives to replace her.

“We also recognize that in this recent election, Democrats ran and won on a message of change,” the letter also said. more


6 Comments on Senate Dems Release Letter Opposing Pelosi as Speaker

  1. “President Donald Trump surprisingly decided to “endorse” her as well for speaker in a tweet on November 7. He argued that she deserves to be the speaker and that she’s earned that honor. He even said he might have to find some votes for her if she’s given too much of a hard time.

    He later clarified that he was being sincere — and not sarcastic.”

  2. I say they put in Miss Kotex. She’ll spend the next couple years wandering the halls looking for the three Chambers of government.

  3. don’t be so naive

    we all know that queen pelosi will be speaker
    demon queens and kings still rule the demon rat party

  4. “Sarcastid”?

    I don’t think so; PDJT wants Nancy to be the face of the Democrat party for at least the next two years.


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