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Look Who’s Talking

In a press conference yesterday, Obama dished out all kinds of advice for the Russians. He predicted that their aggressive entry into Syria’s civil war “is just going to get them stuck in a quagmire, and it won’t work.”



Asked if Putin had outfoxed him, Obama replied “their economy is contracting 4 percent this year. They’re isolated in the world community.”


Tammy Bruce has her own prediction on Syria and Iraq’s fate now that the genocide of the Sunnis of the region at the hands of Assad, Putin and the Iranians is all but assured.


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  1. Dear O’bamba, I got news for you. The Russians will prosecute this war as war should be prosecuted and he’ll leave you in his dust.

  2. never forget who got us here

    obama is the hideous representation of how entirely stupid the populace has become

    if you voted for this useless, spineless, clueless pos, please dig a hole, jump in, pull the dirt over your ignorant head, and stay away from voting booths, you moronic assholes

  3. Why would he be concerned for Russia if they get bogged down in Syria? He must still cherish and harbor his filthy parental bestowed love, admiration and support for the commie cruds!

  4. Russia doesn’t need the oil, but the rest of Europe does.

    Why bother rolling tanks into Western Europe when you can just cut them off from their energy supply and leave them cold, foot sore and poor.

  5. He’s got leftist smarty syndrome. The uncontrollable urge to be the smartest guy in the room, even if it means demonstrating just how stupid you really are. So long as you get the last word in, you’re the smart one in lefty circles.

  6. No president, in my lifetime, has spoken so much yet said so little.
    Congratulations Jemmah, you’re no longer the most willfully obtuse president of the 20th century.

  7. Where”s the rest of Europe get their oil if they don’t get it from Russia? What happens to the price of oil if they control both sources?

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