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Looted Store Makes Black Woman cry

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  1. What are the chances the insurance copy rolls in and pays for all of it + a remodel?
    Walmart makes money +, and we get to pay for it.
    If there are any “elders”, maybe they need to police their own.

  2. Feel sorry for the Walmart shareholders, they are the ones that were harmed.

    Irresponsible CEO would say ,”this is nuts, I’m closing down all of our Chicago stores and moving to safer more law & order compliant cities.”

  3. And black folk in all large major cities are watching this and saying to themselves,”why am I paying for my shit? Let’s just call it early reparations, now get out of my way, I got some shopping to do.”

  4. Oh come on! It’s just kids having fun, don’t you know? Don’t you listen?

    Chicagoans voted for a mayor who will fix things right up to replace the one who fixed things up.

  5. This is just an inkling of what is just a few weeks away.

    Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling the unexplained anxiousness?

    My gut tells me it’s either gonna be Yellowstone or a California earthquake.

  6. I heard somewhere that the ‘fun night gathering’ was organized on social media.

    Brown shirts working. Is the left stirring the 💩 on all fronts: fires, train derailments, rioting/“protesting’, stepping up the domestic terror, plus a BIDEN’s phony war to suck us dry?

    But never fear; congress is ‘investigating’. I can hear the ‘Mighty Mouse’ theme song, whenever the DAMN GOP announces another congressional investigation or a new discovery of “solid evidence” of the flood of corruption burying our government!

  7. I read somewhere that Bob Iger felt sorry for him so he gave him a job as one of the captains on the jungle cruise ride. His position is tenuous at best because he keeps misgendering the elephants.

  8. Further demonstrating how to wind up the idiots like a boss, RDS suggested that he is thinking about putting a new prison on the vacant land next to Disney World. His troll skills are legendary.

  9. Black privilege at it’s finest. Blacks rampage, steal, kill with impunity and act like animals then turn around and demand reparations from a civilized society for all the harm they do. Ironically most of the harm they do is to themselves, which has always been the plan of their white, liberal, plantation masters.

    They are still slaves, their progressive white masters have destroyed their society. The black family, black religious morality, black education, black pride in self sufficiency. All destroyed starting with the Great Society when LBJ sat down and formulated how to kill blacks through abortion and dependency.

    White Marxists Demonrat have declared genocide against the black since reconstruction, but LBJ was the one who switched the black vote to Demonrat for 60 years now.

    It has come full circle now and this Demonrat voting inner city woman is reaping for what she sowed. The ferals have taken over and there is no turning back.

    The Demonrats are trying to cripple the economy and society, the great reset is on and stirring the blacks up to act like animals is just the beginning.

  10. Until such behavior is stopped by the Black community (by any means necessary) or severely punished (doubtful with liberal DAs) it will continue and eventually get so bad that people will be forced to take matters into their own hands. Sad that Blacks fail to understand that this behavior only serves to reinforce people’s dislike or fear of them. What possible positive outcome do they expect from such savage behavior?

  11. Why in the hell are the doors to this store even open and allowing people in at this point? Clearly they can’t provide an acceptable level of service. Is someone going to find what they need smashed on the floor, scrape it up and go pay for it? WTF.

  12. More proof the Marxist agenda is destructive and insane. Savage black hoodrats destroying resources provided for them because of the leftist fallacy they are oppressed by the white man. Truth, they are oppressing themselves.

    Also, based on the vast inventory of fresh produce in that store it proves the leftist food desert narrative is a complete lie.

    This woman has no clue years of Marxist indoctrination in these black urban communities caused this disaster.
    Her reaction, blaming white people is ironic. It’s just she has no idea whites she’s complaining about are progressive leftists determined to destroy her hood and make sure she can’t “…even get any f****** food for her kids, ‘G’ (gangster)”. The left want her suffering and marginalized – under their control.

    Until this woman understands who her real enemy is, she’ll keep supporting and voting for the leftist ideology that made the self destruction behavior she’s witnessing possible.

  13. she definitely got in a blame whitey comment
    what do you expect is going to happen when there are no consequences for bad behavior?
    trayvon martin would still be alive if he had to suffer the consequences for his robberies, he’d probably be locked up but still alive
    they found the stolen goods in his locker & they did nothing, something about trying to keep the numbers down regarding black crime stats

    and what kind of mindset do you have when you walk up to two cops & sucker punch one of them … no fear of consequence for sure



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