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Loozapalooza The Concert For Trump Angst

There is talk of a concert to protest Trump. (For real.)

I created the poster based on a fictitious event conjured up by The Feral Irishman.

I’m not sure we’ve listed all of the acts… (hint… hint…)


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  1. Emerson, Lake & Palmjob
    Neil Jung
    Tower of No Power
    8 years after

    Ya know there are many band names that require no change to make them work here.

    Suicidal Tendencies
    10,000 Maniacs
    Violent Femmes
    Bad Brains
    Dire Straits

  2. The Hor Mones (Ramones)
    Suck Creek Revival
    The PO-Leese
    The Funk-a-Lishis
    The City People
    Chee Ca Go
    Dancin Queen
    The Trains
    One Potato,Two Potato

    annie Go Trump

  3. The Commonders
    Iron Butterface
    The Jefferson Starfish
    The Yard-apes
    The Beatwhiteys
    The Throwing Stones
    Sam the Sham & the Terro’s
    The Black Crows Matter
    The Poo-Poo Dolls
    Mooch & the Socksuckers

  4. Glenn Frey ’em Like Bacon
    Billy Idle
    Fill Colons
    They Might Be Gentle Giants
    Pubic Enema
    The White Privilege Stripes

  5. T-Bone Booker and the THCs.
    Helmut and the Anteaters
    Pink Stink Vagina and the Smelltones
    Merkel and the Mutants
    Lurching Forward
    Prog Dogs

  6. REO Weedwagon

    Nine Inch Fails

    Gordon Pussyfoot

    Mel Torment (The Velvet Prog)

    UB40 (Unemployment Benefit, Form 40) no need to alter

    Blue State Liberal Cult

  7. 10cc’s of Denial


    clipped WINGS

    Little Unconstitutional Feat

    Bad Liberal Company (please leave by 9:00)

  8. Cheech and Choom

    Back Street Bacha Bazi Boys


    Frank Marino and the Mahogany Russian Hackers

    The Liberal Talking Heads

    Josie and the Pussy Grabbers

  9. Thin Lezzy

    KC and the Reach Around Band

    CREAM puff

    Los Homos

    Filli My Vanilli

    Ok… hit the gutter… gotta go! 👋🏻

  10. … Climbed outta the gutter 😃

    Huey Lewis and the FAKE NEWS

    Black Eyed Peed My Pants

    PizzaGatemouth Brown

    E L OH NO!

    Hootie and the Blowjobs (for votes)

    … damn, right back in the gutter! 😈

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