Roof Gets Death Penalty


Just a few hours after he told a crowded courtroom “I still feel like I had to do it,” a federal jury sentenced Dylann Roof to death for carrying out a cold, calculated massacre inside Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church in a bid to spark a race war.

The 12-member panel – three white jurors, nine black – deliberated for a little less than three hours before unanimously deciding that the 22-year-old white supremacist should die for his crimes rather than spend his life in prison without the possibility of parole.


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  1. He deserves what he got. However, it is still hard to explain why a black jury let OJ walk after committing murder of white people!

  2. Death sentence?
    There are over 2900 murderers on Death row in the US now.
    It’s likely Dylann Roof will die of old age, legal frustration or murdered in prison (more than likely the latter).

  3. Just let him out to mingle in the general population… I’m sure there are some residents in prison that feel differently about white supremacy than he does.

  4. DJKimjo: OJ’s jurors were not allowed to have anymore than a high school education.
    DNA was like Voodo and Wichcraft to them. Their eyes glazed over. OJ spent Millions on his defense Team.
    You are trying to compare apples and oranges.
    What did this imbecille expect, mercy? He did not show any.

  5. Agree with the above. The pro-choice crowd will argue for Roof’s “rights”. Too bad, apparently, about the rights of victims, in this case and others in the news.

  6. According to Thomas Jefferson:
    “Whenever sentence of death shall have been pronounced against any person for treason or murder, execution shall be done on the next day but one after such sentence, unless it be Sunday, and then on the Monday following.”

  7. Will O’ex-preezy mention this in his Chicago post-hope-n-change speech tonight?
    (In between I, me, my, mine…)

    I am tired of hearing about this asshole.
    The MSM acts like it’s a big deal he got the death penalty.
    Hell, I’ll gladly throw the switch.

  8. I was surprised to learn that the founder of the Aryan Brotherhood wasn’t Aryan; that is, wasn’t Germanic. He was Irish, a Mick, a Celt, “qui ipsorum lingua Celtae” (Book 1, Gaulic Wars, G. Iulius Caesar), of the people pushed out of the British Isles by the Germanic Saxons, Danes and Normans.

    By the way, I’ve always wondered how the Aryans–the Semitic progenetors of the Chaldeans, Jews (Abram was from “Ur of the Chaldees” – Gen 11:28 KJV), Meads and Persians, the people who invaded India from the Iranian plateau and defeated the darker-skinned Caucasoid Dravidans–had anything to do with Germanic or Nordic people.

  9. In my world he’d have a 7.62×51 round stuffed into his ear no longer than 5 minutes after the verdict.

    Over, and done.

    Or better yet, put the televised execution of all these death row pricks on pay per view and use the funds to pay down the national debt.

  10. Should have made up some phony muslim name and gotten an Ocommie tattoo. Jurors would have declared him innocent, Judge would have apologized, DA would have been terrorized, media would have done all they could to make him look like a victim, and professors would tell their sheeple about the injustice.

  11. Should be hung in the public square within a week of the offense. He’s already long overdue for swift justice. But, since he is also guilty of “hate crime” (thought crime), shouldn’t he be hung twice? Once gently, till nearly dead. Then again, till dead?

  12. I used to hitch hike down town and
    walk past the church where Roof wasted
    my fellow Christains on Calhoun St. with
    my long hair and doobie in hand.Thank GOD
    I grew out of that crap… Charleston was
    founded in 1670.In the 70’s before the northern
    libtards discovered it.A hidden treasure of history
    and architecture.There are so many historic churches
    there that it was called the “holy city”.I love the
    low country.I go back from time to time but it is over
    crowded and just not like it used to be…


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