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Lou Dobbs’ Interview… From his Car

Lou Dobbs is actually interviewing from his car, and talks about current events, with emphasis on a national media going all-in on limiting free-speech, and a leadership that lacks courage. – Eric Metaxas.

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  1. The national media is not about limiting free speech. They are only interested in limiting YOUR free speech. They like theirs just the way it is.

  2. I think BigFurHat needs to drop a dime on Lou Dobbs. In other words CALL him on the Fur Fone or what ever that thing was that BFH did with Pamela Geller and Kathy Shaidle (RIP sweet Kathy) and a few other luminaries and important interviewees. If Eric M can Bigfurhat can too!

  3. For the love of Pete, we are in deep shit, if Lou Dobbs has to do an interview from his car.🤨

    What’s really bothersome is Repube’s like Mitch the Bitch, Lyndsey Gramnesty and Mitten’s among others to numerous to name, refuse to call out the Commies or talk about the freedom’s we are steadily losing. 🤬

    Back to watching Duck Call Room, Looney Tunes, Bullwinkle and The Pink Panther on YouTube, at least you can lighten your load and get a laugh. 😁

  4. I have been escaping with non stop Bee Gees music. I woke up one morning with a song in my head and dove into the rabbit hole. I miss them. Keep on keepin’ on Barry.

    Another favorite died last week. Jim Steinman wrote the soundtrack of my teen years. Meat Loaf is taking it hard. You keep going Meat, I’m not ready for you to go yet.

  5. “Drop a dime” refers to making an anonymous phone call to police to identify a wanted criminal. A synonym would be “to snitch”, “to rat out”.

    Such anonymity is virtually impossible today where public pay phones are no longer.

  6. Another euphemism using coinage imagery is the British phrase “spend a penny”.

    It refers to the once-ubiquitous public pay-toilet where to access the stall one needed to insert a coin in the door lock.

    Other bodily elimination euphemisms include “powder my nose”, “splash the boots”, “see a man about a duck” and “visit the sausage factory” (not really, I made that up).

    This ends today’s journey into our rich cultural heritage.

  7. I like Lou. Hope he’s not living in his car.

    What’s a pay phone? Just kidding. I was there when Alexander Graham Bellski invented the first telephone pole.


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