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The No-Show Administration

Patriot Retort

According to Breitbart, nobody in the Biden Administration is heading up coordinating with the states on COVID response and vaccinations. Instead the No-Show Administration has outsourced the job to America’s Grandma KillerTM Andrew Cuomo.

So, let’s see if I understand this.

Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis, and Kamala is a no-show.

Biden vowed during the election to take the reins and “shut down the virus.” He assured America’s governors that he would work closely with them in coordinating COVID response. But both Biden and Kamala are a no-show.

Is everybody in the so-called “Biden” Administration hiding in a basement? more

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  1. Sometimes I hate posting comments from my iPad. That last thing posted with no name AND no email address because my finger slipped. As I was going to say:

    You can’t make this stuff up. At the rate they’re going there is no amount of cheating they could do to win the next election.

  2. What in the hell has happened to our beloved country? 🤔

    Nevermind I’ve already answered my own question. 😁

    The only way out of this is pray and hope The Lord shows us mercy, even though we don’t deserve it. 🕊️❤️🙏

  3. These yahoos have no clue what they are doing. Jotato is outperformed by a literal potato, Kumala is as worthless as Marxine, and Pcircle, uh, uh, uh, hasn’t ever once answered a question. The rest just point to their sexual orientation.

    In their minds there’s only 1 crisis to eliminate: America.

  4. My brother is right. Biden’s top people are on top. They’ve taken up top positions as top-flight missionaries with a top-down approach to thrusting harder going forward. And they’re willing to circle back when necessary to push even harder. They’re committed – nothing can stop them now.

  5. Joe and the Ho figure “why show up, when we can have the communist as f#$% Media do all the work for us”.

  6. Yesterday, upon the stair,
    A man fell down who wasn’t there,
    He wasn’t there again today,
    I wish, I wish he’d go away…


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