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Lunch Atop a Skyscraper – The Story Behind It

There are a couple of photos of the photographers that were taking the pictures. THEY ARE JUST AS INSANE!!!

What I love about this video is the candor. A  historian actually says that it was Rockefeller that put so many people to work during the great depression. How did this scholar slip through the cracks?

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  1. “A historian actually says that it was Rockefeller that put so many people to work during the great depression. How did this scholar slip through the cracks?”

    WHAT?!? You mean…PRAISE a CAPITALIST?!?

  2. WOW! Thanks for posting!
    Back in the Depression this must have been like working in the Space program some thirty years later.
    Only… thirty years later. Think about that.
    I say only because the Space program in 1962 was over half a century ago!
    The young generation has no idea we’re going backwards.
    Trump will change that, but not without the hand-wringing, bead-strummming and carping of the Left. History is a great tool, if used right.

  3. Ah, the good old days, before the government meddled in everyone’s business.

  4. I couldn’t do that, it would scare the hell out of me. And nowadays you couldn’t take a picture like that because OSHA or some other govt. regulatory agency wouldn’t allow it or the workers to be up there without harnesses and other safety equipment so they won’t fall. I know that quite a few workers were killed building these skyscrapers and dams like the Hoover Dam in the Southwest and Grand Coulee Dam in Wash. State.

  5. pre-OSHA? How did they ever get it done without OSHA stalking their every move?

  6. Would like to have seen obama try to tell those guys “you didn’t build that”.

  7. BFH – do you recall the repeating video of the guys throwing and catching the red hot rivet that you posted a few years back?
    Real men.

  8. Waiting for the blood to return to my legs before I stand up. That pic, as cool as it it, always freaks my body out.

  9. Funny thing about the aging process. I might have been able to do that when I was 18. I straddled 14 pitch roofs on two plus story houses at Tahoe with 60 foot drops to finish off the shingles. No problem.

    At 62 I dread pulling out the extension ladder to clean the gutters. The knees start shuddering and the ladder starts chattering. It’s just awful.

  10. Wonder why no safety ropes?
    They were used at that time in history. I have photos of a skyscraper being built 2 years
    before this project and they used safety ropes.
    By the way I have a pilots license and I’m extremely afraid of heights I can not stand next to a window in a tall building

  11. Patriarchy in action. Back when the liberal elites didn’t have as much hate for the ordinary working man as they do today.

  12. The guy on the far right drinking his lunch? Now that’s a mans man!

  13. Have you ever been in a canoe where one person kind of leans the wrong way and grabs the next person and soon the whole canoe full of people tips over sending people down uncontrollably?

  14. Ike started the Space Program in 53. It was “the Thing” in the 50’s, run by von Braun. If you were a “smart Kid” in the 50;s (and I was) you were unpatriotic if you did not go into engineering or physics. Ike and Werner had planned an American colony being operational 7/4/76. Why that date?

    Apollo 7 was originally planned to be Thor 2 happening right after Christmas 1961. See Disneyland from the mid 50’s to see the projection. They were right on in the projection of events. Wrong by almost 6 years in the timing and the name.

  15. PS
    The colony was to be on Mars!
    60 years later and workers are still not building the Martian colony!

  16. They’re still waiting on the EPA permits for that Martian colony.

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