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Luntz Focus Group Abhors Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine is doing horribly. The Luntz focus group is HATING TIM KAINE.

Twitter is lighting up with Tim Kaine adjectives such as:

Bullying, Obnoxious, Unhinged, Rude.


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  1. Honestly, I was listening to this shit show on the way home. I had to turn it because of Timmah. That fuckers voice sounds like finger nails on a chalk board. He melted the fact check machine.

  2. Snott Pelley fudged his man-thong when Frank Luntz showed independent voters viewing Kaine Clinton with revulsion and disgust.

  3. On the SNL debate skit, Hillary joked, “Can we vote now?”

    Wonder if she would think that was funny, having heard the Luntz presentation?

  4. Anon – good one! It would be like watching two loud obnoxious drunks trying to talk over each other, with neither making a lick of sense.

  5. Kaine showed exactly what we’re in for if they “win.” No doubt about it. I almost felt sorry for the interrupting jerk, but then again, Nah. I am so glad I watched this.
    Kaine had nothing, nothing to “fight” about except repeating the same old crap.

  6. Pence did the right thing. Kaine may have impressed his base but he clearly came off as immature and very unlikeable. Like a bratty school child trying to impress his teacher and make his classmates look stupid.

  7. The important thing about Kaine is that if Hillary is elected, Kaine will likely be POTUS, because that old bag’s health won’t last to the next election.

  8. @anon ~ the only reliable debate Kaine & Biden could have would be: “Tinker Toy or Lincoln Logs; Which is more dangerous to the nasal cavities & the ear canals?”

    First answer: “define ‘cavities'”
    Second answer: “canals? … what was the question?”

  9. That “Bullying, Obnoxious, Unhinged, Rude” attitude comes from spending his entire life trying to prove he’s not gay.

  10. That communist site, The Right Poop is running a Poll. The choices are, Pence, Kaine, Who Cares. Pence up by 86%. The people or person that runs the Right Scoop has to be the dumbest Muther Fucket alive. Really, how does he think this plays out at the end. I hope he’s or they have a side job. They’re gonna need it.

  11. I thought it was precious that kaine kept saying “Hillary and I agree….” Yeah, sure. Killer and Caine will agree that he won’t have to wear the dog collar to state dinners.

  12. And yet Zorro gets likes. Stupid people or infadels. Let’s make it clear Zoro, if Hillary is elected say good by to the 2nd and then the 1rst. If Trump is elected say hello to America once again.

    Please reply with something stupid. I’ve had a rough day.

  13. hey Luntz, you Putz … how about a Focus Group on how many times Megyn Kelly licks Rupert Murdock’s ‘taint?

    gawd … I loathe that bitch … and her gaggle of media whores … Krauthamper, Bair, Hume, O’Rielly, Sheppy … their all such slimy suck-ups

  14. Unhinged, rude, Jesuit brainwashed pro abortion Catholic, with a voice like “nails on a chalkboard,” and effeminate gestures. Just not the ticket.

  15. One Star, would not be nauseated by him again…
    Miscreant with repellent overtones and notes of shit-eating and crying after sex.
    Appealing as having a root canal while hungover

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