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The Enslaved Press’ own Operation Fortitude

PatriotRetort: Do you know about Operation Fortitude?

Well, if you’re a World War II buff, you probably do.

Operation Fortitude was the name given to an elaborate deception plan the Allies used in the lead-up to D-Day.

The idea is as old as time: get the enemy to focus on something else entirely while we launched an attack from somewhere else.


How they did it was pretty ingenious. They created a plywood and rubber invasion force along the southeast coast of England. The idea was to convince the Germans that the Allies were preparing to invade Europe through Calais.

Using set-makers from the movie industry, they created everything from wooden aircraft on stilts to inflatable tanks.

From reconnaissance aircraft, this phony invading army would look as real as the real thing.

The RAF even permitted German recon aircraft to slip through in order to photograph this phony army.

It worked. The Germans believed that Normandy was the diversion and Calais was the actual point of invasion. They deployed 150,000 men to Calais while sending no additional combat troops to Normandy.

D-Day would most likely have failed without Operation Fortitude.

There’s actually a pretty good spy novel by Ken Follett about Operation Fortitude. A German spy in England discovers the phony army, snaps pictures and tries to get them back to Germany in time to defend against the invasion. It’s called Eye of the Needle and it was made into a movie starring Donald Sutherland.

Okay, I’m a bit of a World War II buff. Sue me.

Any old how.

For a group of people squeamish about the thought of actual military conflict, when it comes to politics, the Democrats and the Enslaved Press treat it like war. Republicans are the enemy. We must be defeated by any means necessary. Including deception.

I think the Enslaved Press is trying its own Operation Fortitude in this election.  MORE

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  1. Dianny, as a WWII history buff, if you haven’t read Marching Orders by Bruce Lee you simply must. Lee (journalist, author, publisher, and not the martial arts actor) gives unique insight into Fortitude and major strategic planning by the Allies based on decrypted Japanese and German communications – Enigma, Purple, and the like, known collectively as “Magic.”

    I bought it on whim a month ago when it showed up on sale at Amazon and good golly am I glad I did. Utterly fascinating.

  2. Enslaved Press? Not at all. They are willingly and knowingly doing everything they can to push the corrupt crony capitalist globalist leftist agenda.

  3. The problem with the article: The press isn’t trying to divert voter attention, they are actually trying to divert Trump.

    He needs to avoid chasing the rabbit holding the false flag down the hole, I think is supporters are pretty much rock solid!

  4. Mansfield:
    I have been using the moniker Enslaved Press for three and a half years. When I first coined the phrase, I explained that our Free Press willingly enslaved themselves. WILLINGLY enslaved themselves. They are not a free press. And if you’re not free, you are a slave. But they Enslaved themselves.

  5. Dianny – I understand now. And agree. Thanks!

    Same reason I say Filthy Mohammedan Savages (as seen on Yelp! and Britain’s The Guardian newspaper) 🙂

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