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Mad About Trump


The magazine that made it safe to be juvenile, Mad, confesses that though they’d prefer to ignore Donald Trump, they can’t.  Their sales go up every time he’s on the cover.


If you think they’ve put the President-Elect on the cover a lot, you should see their website.  It’s loaded with Trump imagery.  Here


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  1. I have in my possession an original copy of Mad Magazines “Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions”. A bible for conservatives. I purchased it for 75 cents I think. I’m reading it’s now worth $21.00. Which would make it the best investment I’ve ever made.

  2. great fan of Mad since I was about 10 … back in ’63 … yeah, I’m that old … & still a juvenile 🙂

    (Don Martin … Festerbestertester … Spy vs. Spy … the folding back cover … )

    maybe that’s the appeal … Trump is, in some ways himself, a juvenile … & I understand completely!

  3. btw, all men are juveniles …. except most of today’s males … which
    strive to be a stand-in for girl’s ugly girlfriends that girls allow to hang around with them to make themselves feel charitable (& superior)

    true, or untrue? …. discuss ….

    I’ll save you the trouble: True

  4. My Dad was a WW11 air force vet.
    He went to Northestern U. in Boston.
    He received a BS in chemical engineering
    using a slide rule for a calculator & computer.
    He was a nuclear rocket engineer with Aerojet General
    and Lockheed aerospace.He was a mensa member with a
    IQ of 143.Dad loved Mad,Cracked,Rocky & BullwinkLe,and the Furry freak Brothers{that I intro’d in my hippie phase days}.
    If you ever read a Mensa newsletter you would be shocked at the weird,juvenile twisted humor…. BTW My Mom had the same degree with better grades!!! She skated with the Ice Capades and then became a house wife.

  5. @radioation etc. . .”Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.”
    Fineas E Freak.
    Your dad sounds like a great guy

  6. @RADIO~~~(static): Damn, are we up to 11 now? I lost count at WW2.

    (See what MAD magazine did to my sense of humor?)


    P.D. – MAD went bad when they switched from comic book to magazine format, IMHO.

  7. Charlie,
    Yea, You read the FFB too I see.
    I liked the checkered demon and angelfood McSpade.
    That’s where the phrase “keep on truckin'”
    came from with Mr.Natural. Dad passed in 2013.I was
    blessed by God to be his caregiver for 3 years.In the beginning he could get around fairly well.We went out to the sport bar every Thursday and ate greasy hamburgers and drank beer.I walk in the shadow of that man….

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