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Maine Republicans Regret Rank Choice Voting

The Maine Wire

Rep. Ed Polewarczyk (R-Wiscasset) announced Tuesday that his bill to repeal Maine’s ranked-choice voting law will have a Public Hearing on Wednesday.

The controversial law has faced criticism since its implementation in 2016, with proponents claiming it promotes a more democratic election process, while opponents argue that it is confusing and disenfranchises voters. More

The measure went to the legislation committee which voted against the bill. It will still go before the full Maine House, but without the committee’s endorsement. Here

5 Comments on Maine Republicans Regret Rank Choice Voting

  1. Duh.
    Sadly the voters voted it in.
    Every media outlet is leftwing loony.
    Every paper except one is owned by one billionaire guy. Reed Brower (sp?)
    So people were ill informed.
    This is the first R to try to stop it.
    The Guv and Legislature is all run by Dems. They’ll never get rid of rcv.
    Heck, they just used a loophole to pass a $10.3 Billion budget.
    There are 1.3 million people in the whole state! 1% of who are now illegals from Africa.
    RCV will not go away until Republicans win because of it.

  2. The biggest problem with RCV is the fact that Republicans haven’t figured out that putting eight Republican candidates on a ballot with only one Democrat practically guarantees a Democrat victory. Until they learn how to avoid purity tests and the circular firing squad and get behind ONE candidate, I suggest they invest in bulk quantities of Astroglide.


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