Major League Baseball Team Is Putting Protective Netting All the Way to Foul Poles


The Chicago White Sox plan to extend the protective netting all the way to the foul poles at Guaranteed Rate Field, becoming the first major league team to take such a step in the wake of a couple of high-profile fan injuries.The White Sox and Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, which owns the ballpark, are hoping to complete the project this summer, the AP reports. Following recommendations from Major League Baseball, by the start of the 2018 season, all 30 teams had expanded their protective netting to at least the far ends of the dugouts.

But a liner off the bat of Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. struck a young girl in Houston in May, and a woman was hit by a foul ball from White Sox outfielder Eloy Jiménez in Chicago on June 10. Each of the incidents occurred in the stands beyond the dugout on the third base side. The netting is “going to be good,” Jiménez told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday.


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  1. just throw a net over the whole stadium & be done with it!

    we’re so stupid now everyone should be required to wear bubble wrap 24/7

    … sheesh

  2. I used to attend Major Junior hockey games in Tacoma. At one game a woman with a pile of red hair was running her quacker the entire game and a Michal Grosek slapshot left the ice and it was like I was watching in slow motion as it busted her up alongside the scalp and she was KTFO. Never saw it coming.

    She attended the games with w/her husband and another couple who had season tickets. I don’t believe either of those two women ever saw a single play the entire season. They sat right in front of me.

    After they had her strapped in and were getting ready to haul her out to to the meat wagon they ask her husband if he was going to ride with her in the amberlamps or drive up to St Joe’s. He said, I’m not a doctor – I can’t do anything for her, I will be up after the game.

  3. A major league game is roughly 3 hours long. Pitchers are good, and they usually run the count up. Hitters are good, and with 2 strikes they can foul off ball after ball. Aside from throwing a pitch, it can be anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes before there is any action, fielders are good so routine plays pose no challenge, and spectacular plays are usually few and far between. A really exciting at-bat (Angels down by 1, runner in scoring position, Mike Trout at bat) happens about once a game – if at all.

    I love baseball, but even I let my mind wander at times. The netting doesn’t interfere with the view (I had to look hard to see the netting at my last game), and hitters send rockets into the lower stands. This is just a common sense safety issue.

  4. We had Company seats to the White Sox…only went once…They were

    even with Third Base…Three rows up…Uncomfortable spot for a Day

    Dreamer….(and raging alcoholic) Although getting to the Game

    was dangerous as hell…Slow-n-GO! at every Stoplight through the

    South Side of Chicongo….Give Me Wrigley and Bleachers !

  5. NOLA’s AAA Minor League team the Babycakes are leaving this year. It is hoped for that a AA Minor League team will come in for next year’s season.

    I just wish their “Thirsty Thursdays” were a better deal. You get a tiny cup of warm foamy swill. BFH will back me up here: at least with the St Lucie Mets you get a bigass imprinted 16 oz cup that is keep-worthy, the cup is FILLED with delicious ice-cold beer, the dollar soft pretzels are cooked over a charcoal grill and the $1 dogs aren’t made from pig anuses.

  6. Well maybe if they wrapped the ball in bubble wrap, and the bat in bubble wrap, and the fans in bubble wrap… & took away their cellphones 😱… no one would get hurt? 🙄

  7. FIRST the fookers want to shorten the game……. A baseball game ends when one the teams wins! Might go 20 innings! Usually 9 but more happens frequently. Now they want to encase the fookin’ field in gloopstik (see wylecoyote in some Christmas special)…… next they’ll want the players to stop juicin’….. ahhh… wait…. maybe they already did that as well…. If you can’t take a line drive to the melon, perhaps you should sit in the nose-bleed section…… WTF!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. There is no reason not to ban all attendees from baseball games. They can all stay home and watch the games – or catch it at a local sport bar.

  9. I’ve attended a million Mariners games, Twins games. I’ve had a few liners very close to me. Those balls are traveling fast! In fact, you can actually hear the spin of the ball. Having said that….

    EFF no! Now there will be replay to see if the netting comes into play when a player tries to make a fly out near the stands. I’m getting so sick of this shit.


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