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Makes Sense are Nah?

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  1. I’m gonna get some push back.
    If I understand this right. He is a man, he identifies as a man. That he is a very effeminate man, most likely a gay man. Is fine with me. He is ok with me. He is not telling me that he is a woman. He is not insisting on anything. I can accept him or not.
    I’m good with that.

  2. There are all types of “gay” behavior. Doesn’t mean this guy’s not a mental case, it’s just that he’s not a radical sodomite with an agenda.
    He’s a “live and let live” kind of person. Someone who is reasonable and easy to get along with in general. Just don’t get too critical of his lifestyle.

    Yep. That vest shouts Broadway “jazz hands” or a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” revival.

  3. Yes, let’s just dilute that oh so toxic masculinity so real men can just be eliminated.

    Widen the broadband, that’s a new one and a pun. Like the Bud Bitch we just need elevate abd evolve more men to be broads.


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