Man accused of killing 7 in ‘unprecedented’ spree

NYP– ELIZABETH, N.J. — Authorities say a man killed seven people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including his cousin, in May and June, often within a matter of hours.

killing spree murderer

In announcing charges against 22-year-old Todd West of Elizabeth, New Jersey, on Thursday, Union County Prosecutor Grace Park called the killing spree “unprecedented.”

West is charged with killing three people and wounding a fourth in Elizabeth in a matter of hours between June 25 and June 26.  MORE

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the news never reports any “precedented” events?
    I know they must happen, but they don’t make the papers.

  2. Sort of like a “deadly shooting.” You never hear of a “healthful shooting.” (Although “he needed killin'” comes close.)

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