Man Arrested After Posing As High School Student So He Could Play Basketball

DC: A man was arrested after he posed as a high school student for nine months so he could play basketball, according to The Dallas Morning News Tuesday.

Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley, 25, was arrested Friday after attending two high schools, pretending he was a 17-year-old homeless Hurricane Harvey refugee under the fake name Rashun Richardson. The mock high school student joined the basketball team and started dating a 14-year-old student, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Gilstrap-Portley started his school year at Skyline High School in 2017, claiming he was a Hurricane Harvey victim. He later switched to Hillcrest High School in October, telling school officials he was a Hurricane Harvey refugee and homeless. Gilstrap-Portley succeeded in the plan due to federal law allowing homeless or evacuee students from not submitting additional documentation while enrolling in a high school, Dallas Independent School District (ISD) told WFAA. more here

7 Comments on Man Arrested After Posing As High School Student So He Could Play Basketball

  1. One of the local high schools was the State High School football champion a couple of years ago, but they fell on hard times after their 21-year old star player graduated. Some kids at our HS got in trouble for posting pics of the star player’s kids on social media before a game with us. How they got the pics I do not know.

  2. charged with “tampering with government records”…..

    ……no reasonable prosecutor would press charges if he had named himself “clinton” instead of gilstrap-portly….

  3. charged with “tampering with government records”…

    When asked for a comment, former Preezydent Obama said “If I had a son….”

    Can someone in the Just-Us Dept. please file charges against Barry for “tampering with government records”. That’s what happens when anyone else fabricates a fraudulent birth certificate and selective service registration.


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