Guess What They’re Charging For Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Photo Book

The Lid: Is Hillary Clinton so down on her luck – or ‘dead broke’ – that she has to hawk picture books on her website for an absurd amount of money?

The book, titled “#STILLWITHHER,” is at the very least another indication that the former first lady just can’t let go of 2016. She can’t move on!

It features photographs from Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign, taken by award-winning photojournalist Barbara Kinney.

To be fair, the $3,000 version is considered a collector’s edition, as it sports a super neat wooden box (Al Gore might call it a lockbox) that converts into a stand to display these remarkable images of Hillary.

OH WAIT!!! I thought they were paying US the three grand to take the book. They want people to pay for pictures of Hillary?

It also has Hillary’s signature. Which, along with a couple of bucks, will buy you a cup of “covfefe.”  more here

31 Comments on Guess What They’re Charging For Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Photo Book

  1. “Guess how much they are charging for Crooked Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Photo Book”

    There. Fixed the headline for you.

    You’re welcome

  2. You can get Mooch’s and Barky’s separate coffee table picture books for less than twenty bucks each. What is Hillary’s scheme here? I think we’ll know what it is when Mueller starts looking into Trump’s book deals.

  3. Good. Every dime that goes to the Clintons stays with the Clintons. The money Clintons swindle out of gullible losers is money that will not go into leftist causes or candidates.

  4. I bought a 54″ zero turn mower instead….it will through 12″ of grass at 6 mph and has a drink holder….

    It’s like a scooter chair starter model….

  5. Just be thankful that she isn’t ever going to have someone ghost write her Presidential Memoirs.

  6. I think I’ll wait for Hillary’s next photo journal.

    Hopefully she’ll include her photos that will be hanging in all the Post Offices…..

    Wanted by the FBI……..

  7. Another money laundering scheme. No one is suspicious that 10,000 copies were presold to George Soros?

  8. Yeah Jethro I’ve been warned…..My biggest problem is finding more grass to mow. I also have a 1952 ford 8N with a 5’bush hog, a straw cowboy hat and a box of good cigars…..anybody need some help with their lawn/field?….

  9. What the hell is wrong with the Democrat Party. The majority of them aren’t the hard left socialists that seem to be running the show and they ought to be smart enough to kick the Clintons to the curb while they try to purge the party of the extreme left. If they don’t want to go it needs to be suggested that the Clintons aren’t the only ones with a Vince Foster Playbook.

  10. It comes in a wooden box?

    I wonder if it’s the same wooden box Bill kept his cigars in?

    I wonder what (or who) else came in that wooden box.

  11. Can you imagine how much it cost to photoshop all those pictures. I hope Chelsea doesn’t publish a photo book. The cost would be enormous.


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