Marvel’s New Super Villain -The Lecher

95-year-old Stan Lee, the creative force that defined Marvel Comics, is now embroiled in accusations that he behaves inappropriately around the young nursing staff who care for him at home.

“the owner at the nursing company has openly said to people that Stan has sexually harassed every single nurse that has been to the house.” Stan Lee and his lawyer are now fighting back against the “false and despicable” allegations and seek to protect his “stellar good name.” Excelsior!

18 Comments on Marvel’s New Super Villain -The Lecher

  1. The guy who invented the X-MEN, a metaphor for homosexuality, is probably pretty sexually loose himself.

    Those in their 90s grab a lot of ass, just ask George Bush.

  2. If Steve Ditko were still alive (Spider-Man, Doctor Strange) he could join Jack Kirby with #MeToo.
    Funny how ace self promoter Stan Lee, a mere salaried Marvel employee, wound up with all the credit, celebrity and money.
    Funny how that works.

  3. Damn, I hope when I’m 95 I’m still grabbing ass. Does anyone really feel threatened by the old geezer? It’s not like they can’t get away. You don’t suppose the accusers might be after a piece of his wealth, do you?

  4. Maybe Stan needs to “Earnest Bougnine*” it a little more often and he won’t feel the need to reach out and “excelsior” someone!

    *For those who are clueless old Earnie admitted he masturbated alot.

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