Mary Katharine Ham Calls Out CNN “Fangirls” To Their Faces


Conservative writer and political commentator Mary Katharine Ham was outnumbered on today’s New Day, but she still managed to make the liberal journalists squirm as she shamed the media for “fangirling” over Anthony Fauci.

Co-hosts John Avlon and Brianna Keilar, as well as political analyst David Gregory were bashing Senator Rand Paul, after he grilled Fauci during a hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday, for appearing to lie about the NIH funding gain of function research in Wuhan, China. 

Gregory sneered at the senator calling him an “internet conspiracy theorist,” before accusing conservatives of playing a “political game” by scrutinizing Fauci’s work with China. John Avlon echoed Gregory when he confronted Ham:

“And Mary Katharine, that’s what I want to get to is this conservative decision to demonize Anthony Fauci,” he said, before touting a study which found people who read “conservative hyperpartisan websites” had much less trust in Fauci than the general public.

He posed, “So what’s the game here? What is the purpose of this fixation on attacking Anthony Fauci?”

But Ham schooled CNN on how the media has fueled the distrust over Fauci by not holding him accountable More

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  1. The fact that Fauci, despite his disastrous handling of HIV/AIDS,was again put in charge of something so important,tells me all I need to know.
    Wait until FauXi’s fan base experiences what’s coming down the road with those viruses discovered in the Himalayas.


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