The Cleveland Indians Change Their Name to The Guardians

I’ve never hated Tom Hanks’ voice more than in this pathetic video

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  1. In few years Star Lord, Drax the Destroyer and Rocket Raccoon will sue them in this total fantasy of Political Correctness!

  2. Not guarding anyone’s freedom, that’s for sure.

    Cleveland tossed away 100+ years of history. The Cleveland Bendovers would have been a more appropriate name.

  3. Professional sports, (other than LPGA) get no attention or money from me, and haven’t for years. First the felons put the eff in NFL, then NHL added commercial breaks by sweeping the snow off the ice. Then came the Woke movement to re-affirm my distaste.

  4. I am a legal Guardian and I resent a group of cruds who slide in the dirt and hit balls with sticks portentously calling themselves that term! Phony and stupid bastards would be a better term!

  5. The No-baggers, the Walleye, the Burning River, The BLMers. Whatever. Of 12,000 entries this is what they choose?

  6. “Guarding” what exactly? Certainly not tradition, history, or to honor and respect the first residents of Cleveland.

  7. I used to love watching baseball, mainly the Red Sox, but a lot of the AL games involving the Indians, Tigers, White Sox and A’s (especially if they beat up on the Yankees..hahaha) Now, I pass on watching a game thanks to this type of bullshit.

    If I was a die hard Indians fan, I’d be absolutely pissed. I hope the majority of the older fans still wear their Indians fan gear. Wouldn’t not be surprised if management tried to enforce rules stating that all “offensive” fan gear be left at home or else not permitted inside the park.

  8. Call them guardians, gardenias, Indians or shitbirds.
    Cleveland remains a democratic shithole.

    CLEVELAND — not much to celebrate.
    Ranked #16 most violent and dangerous cities in the U.S.
    Unemployment 13.2%
    Poverty 32.7%
    Total Crimes Per 100K 5,983.8
    Violent Crime Per 100K 1,516.6

  9. Struck by how much Banks sounds like Joey Cringe spewing nonsense (go back and listen) so much so that he could be a fill in for him in the chi version of Biden’s life (oops now it’s out of the basement…)

  10. Got to love the bald black guy in the cleveland jersey throwing up what we’ve been told is the “white power” hand signals by the left & democrats for years now with both hands…

    Go figure, the stupid mother cluckers lmao!

  11. If your going to see thee indians play baseball at home fill your gas tank up before you ever get into cleveland… you don’t wanna have to get gas on east 9th or 14th street you’ll get robbed! lmao

  12. So many great American stories have been ruined by putting Tom hanks in the leading roles.

    His son Chet (30)is a total shit head druggie loser useless waste of oxygen. Tom should put a condom on his sons head now & prevent his mistake in the 120th trimester.

  13. Haven’t watched big league baseball since 2019. Thanks MLB for continually affirming my decision.

  14. The “mistake by the lake” comment made me think of ex-Red Sox pitcher, Dennis Boyd. Fog came in over the lake and cancelled that night’s game between the Indians and Red Sox. Boyd said “That’s what you get for building a ballpark on the ocean.” Yeah, wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack.

  15. Sports now makes me barf. I want no more of it.

    The latest affront: there is a queer guy in Jr. Hockey that may make it to the NHL. I don’t think any player would want to body-check that son-of-a-bitch.

  16. Guardians of what pray tell. They should’ve gone back to being the Cleveland Spiders which was their name in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Spiders aren’t on anyones politically correct shit list yet unless it’s a black widow or a brown recluse spider.

  17. Who Cares? I don’t watch Professional Sports… I especially don’t watch them when a patriot turned “Commie” like Tom Hanks narrates their new name!

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