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Massachusetts Bill Would Allow Women to Sell Their Unborn Children


On June 12, the Massachusetts House is expected to vote on a bill that would allow mothers to exchange their children for money—that is, engage in baby-selling—under the name of “parentage equality.”

The “Parentage Equality” bill seeks to redefine parenthood. Parenthood is recognized on its natural biological basis, or in cases of adoption, justice for a child who has suffered loss by providing them with a safe, loving home. This bill redefines it on the basis of a “person’s intent to be a parent of a child.” In doing so, it strips all mention of mothers and fathers from parentage law, replacing these vital familial roles with gender-erased language.

Finally, and most concerning, under H.4672, Massachusetts would allow for commercial surrogacy both in cases wherein the woman carrying the child is genetically unrelated to the child and in cases where she is exchanging her biological child for money. more

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  1. Well, we have ALL been slaves to the US Government since 1913 (at least), so why not make buying and selling openly legal again? The Decline of Western Civilization will be televised, applauded, tweeted about, and enshrined in law.

  2. wait, so if that’s passed what are they going to do when someone calls and makes specific requests for certain characteristics? say, someone calls and says hey I’d like to buy a black baby. or even a few? that going to be allowed?

  3. New England has gone.
    Maine has legalized kidnapping.
    If one of those babies is brought to Maine and the person bringing it (no parents needed) claims the baby is trans, the state will allow it. The parents in the other state will be told they’re s.o.l. by the courts here.

  4. would the sale still be allowed if I show up looking like Colonel Sanders? or in a confederate reenactment uniform? maybe ask a lot of questions about the breeding stock, bloodlines, and genetic screens. id like to make them very uncomfortable. one of you can show up and we can start a bidding war like an auction. what a time to be alive. maybe that teacher who got canned for doing a mock slave auction can get a job in MA, selling babies.

  5. It’s been “legal” to kill them since … what? 1974? … so why not “legalize” fucking them and selling them?
    That’s pretty much what happened when they allowed perverts to adopt – the perverts paid the perverted lawyers and got a child to groom and fuck.

    Been going on for a while – my guess is this is another reason God is pissed.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Actually it sounds like a tri-fer for Cloward-Piven fans!
    1: Government pays outrageous bux for babies.
    2: Government pays outrageous bux to doctors and hospitals to perform sex changes.
    3: Next generation of AFU non-reproductive Mutants! Mission accomplished!

    See how easy it is to loot the Treasury?

  7. ^ Inspiration…

    Politicians parents have sex.
    Politicians pay big bucks to kiss babies.
    Government pays big bucks to kill babies.
    Government makes big bucks taxing babies.
    Government pays big bucks to educate babies.
    Government collects big bucks from stupid, grown-up babies.
    Government pays big bucks to illegals across open border to make more babies.

    Rinse and repeat – but make sure the Big Guys get 10%.

  8. Marxists are materialists human life is just another commodity to them. They tell you everything you need to know if you go to their literature produced for internal circulation.

  9. In every other transaction can think of the buyer becomes the owner of the thing bought. Does this now allow someone to own someone else? I must re-read the 13th amendment


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