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Skibidi Toilet


If you have a child under the age of 14, the word “Skibidi” might ring a bell. But for many parents, this word and the YouTube series it comes from can be a bit perplexing.

Our quick guide to the phenomenon answers all your basic questions about Skibidi Toilet and its appeal to young people.

Skibidi Toilet is an animated video series created by Georgian animator Alexey Gerasimov. Installments are posted as YouTube Shorts and later compiled into longer videos on Gerasimov’s channel “DaFuq!?Boom!” The series is animated using computer graphics and falls into a film subgenre called Machinima, a portmanteau of “machine” and “cinema.” More

The video that started it all. Watch

DaFuq!?Boom! creator’s page Here

12 Comments on Skibidi Toilet

  1. Even me, at 80 years old, can see the draw of the Skibidi!

    It explains a lot, especially since one of my favorite things to say is, “If I were God, I’d flush this shitty CLOWNGRESS and start again”.

    Just look at how much the congressional buildings look like upside down toilet bowls!!

    We, “THE PEOPLE”, control ‘term limits’, even if by a worn out flushing system(elections), but, it is TIME TO FLUSH!!

    Note for fresh new toilets. If they don’t work, flush them also.


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