Trump, Logan Paul, and Dave Portnoy – IOTW Report

Trump, Logan Paul, and Dave Portnoy

Trump is as big as Logan Paul.. lol.

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  1. This is precisely why all these gurly men trolls hate him. He’s John Wayne in a sea of Pee Wee Herman’s. He’s just to truthful for them to handle.
    Mike Tyson’s gonna murder this guy.

  2. Fascinating to see the natural likability & respect Trump commands by simply being Trump.
    biden* tries school loan forgiveness, bribing blacks by holding off banning menthol cigs, abortion on demand, etc, yet can’t buy even a scintilla of the legitimate admiration of his predecessor.
    biden* is a fraud, a grifting sack-of-shit, congenital lying dick-headed cadaver fuck.
    Fuck biden* and his fucking filthy dirtbag family.
    May they soon all rot in hell!

  3. Biden, “I’ll take you right now”. “Come on man”.

    I think everyone I know who is a legit bad ass stopped saying “I’ll take you” in third grade. When he said that a couple days ago it took a few seconds to register. “I’ll Take You”. OK, where? What a putz.


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