Massive Stash of Hurricane Relief Aid From 2017 Discovered In PR

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Folks, this is alarming. An explosive video from Puerto Rico shows a massive warehouse of emergency hurricane relief supplies discovered highlighting emergency supplies delivered in the aftermath of hurricane Maria that were never distributed.

The warehouse was discovered after the recent earthquake, and the building suffering damage. After CTH initially saw the report, I had to go find the raw video to see just how much 2017 aid was being hidden in this warehouse; and the full video is simply stunning. More

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  1. To put this in perspective, that 200,000 sq ft warehouse is roughly the size of your average Home Depot or Lowe’s.

  2. Hey, how much of that hurricane relief stash was paid for by the Clinton Foundation? Silly question; we all know the answer.

  3. Verifying yet again that democrats in office are always liars and thieves.

    IF ONLY they would be prosecuted and sentenced (meaningfully)….

  4. The left loved the idea of Puerto Rico independence, until they managed to cultivate a majority of democrat voters there. Now the left is demanding PR statehood!

  5. Puerto Ricans have been playing the US for fools…
    They cry for more aid without using what they have,
    The next disaster, and there will be another, tell them to Fugg off,
    Cut the aid request in half or less.

  6. …I wish his shaky cam shots weren’t so shaky. I think I see some stuff I had a hand in making for this, a couple years ago, but it’s tough to tell the way this guy wibbles and wobbles…

  7. Please, someone explain to me why my Governor Andy Cumhole is constantly traveling to P R on some aid mission?

  8. With the blatant levels of corruption and the proven inability of PR to govern itself, The United States either needs to re-instate a colonial governance system or cut bait on PR. Enough already with this compromise policy, we can’t afford to keep propping up their corrupt / incompetent officials.

  9. Why would the governor simply fire the director of emergency management? There needs to be a massive investigation (that undoubtedly leads to a bunch of democrats) followed by prison sentences. What really pisses me off is that President Trump was vilified in the press for not providing aid.

  10. Hurricane relief round one 91 billion dollars.
    Earthquake relief round two 8.1 billion dollars.
    100 billion dollars in 2 years and it will still look the same in 2 years. Some one down there is making lots of money on the black market.

  11. “The Brown Mans’ Burden”:
    Stashing all they stuff they steal from the rotten,
    “priviledged, white nationalist racists” charities.

  12. “Press” apologies to President Trump for vilifying him as an uncaring partisan racist in 3…2…1…

    Yeah! Right!!

  13. Check the democrap’s congressional hispanic caucus, the hispanics in the senate as well, they all are getting kickbacks from the looting of the US Aide program, just like Ukraine, China, N Korea, etc. They all get a cut of the skim, is understood with every aide package signed, and US taxpayers are funding it all. Why do you think on a salary that is a low 6 figures ends up making them all millionaires after 2 terms in office? Kill all aide unless true accountability is mandatory w/every approved request. Why do we subsidize anyone? I thought that was the UN’s primary function, another reason for us to tell them as well to go pound sand and leave the US for Brussels, or some 3rd world loving experience.

  14. Again, why puerto rican politicans trash Trump: because he is exposing their corruption. Remember: they were rabid hillary clinton supporters, knowing if she got elected, they’d continue their stealing.

    Stay the course, everyone.

    FBI Arrests Former Top Puerto Rico Officials In Government Corruption Scandal:

    Once again, they perps are fat. That’s what happens to greedy hogs when the food is free.

  15. Does anyone suppose those two overly made up lah-tee-nas on The View will offer an honest reporting of this revelation?

    Maybe Whoopi will opine that this is an entitled compensation, and not “theft theft”.


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