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  1. Her is the extent of Matt Maher’s ANTI-TRUMPism!!

    Matt Maher — a Nashville-based, Grammy-nominated Christian artist who won Songwriter of the Year at the 2015 GMA Dove Awards — is a practicing Catholic. He has also protested the travel ban (tweeting that it “wounds the heart of God”), and decried Trump’s assault on journalistic institutions (tweeting on Feb. 24, “Either we believe in freedom of the press or we don’t”). Last year, he criticized Trump on his personal blog during the Republican primary — but shortly after he decided to back off.

    “I was ripping on Trump (during the primaries) pretty hard because it was entertaining,” Maher says. “I was just amazed that this person was leading in the polls. And then I stopped and realized that he’s tapping into a sense of grievance and woundedness.”

    On behalf of all of iOTW I apologize for linking to a wonderful song with a wonderful message, on Easter, not knowing that it was being sung by a SATANIC MONSTER!!!!!

  2. BFH, we forget sometimes that we ALL are fallen and in need of a Savior. No one is perfect, so hopefully we can forgive others for not always living up to our (sometimes very picayune) expectations. Matt Maher sings some beautiful songs and this one, to me, is especially moving. Thanks..

  3. Oops,
    That was Matt Walsh.
    I remember my daughter was thinking of not voting for President in 2016 because of this guy.
    Further research ani I find I mixed Matts.

  4. Fur; Watched this vid & cried like a fragile SJW snowflake. The BEST Easter song ever! Have shared w friend, family & foe.. most moved to tears. THANK YOU BFH!

  5. It’s a dangerous thing to think that salvation is up to us. It wasn’t our idea, it was God’s. Justification is a free gift, and there are non-negotiables, but getting the mind straightened out can take some time, it’s called ‘renewing’. To erect the in or out fan clubs based on our ideas of religious merit is vanity.
    Carl Out.

  6. It is a really good song and he has several that I like, in fact I cropped 30 seconds of this for my ringtone.

    I do pray for those who are in the fold of Catholicism. There is so much error and (what I consider) heresy within their doctrine, it is enough to make you cry out.

    “Churchianity” has its own issues too, but the in your face idolatry is not there, though Protestantism held on to too many of the pagan practices that were folded into Rome.

    I enjoy some of his music and we all have our opinions, but prayer and kind reasoning can go far to help sew seeds of truth with those who are trusting in shepherds who should be focusing on the Word and not the doctrines and traditions of man.

    Shalom Aleichem.


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