UPDATE: Ukraine Elects Comedian As President

Ukraine is holding a final election today between the incumbent president, Petro Poroshensko and a comedian and political novice, Volodmyr Zelensky.

Zelensky isn’t a complete unknown to voters in the economically stagnate former soviet republic, he plays the president of Ukraine on television and he’s leading in the polls. More

UPDATE: It appears to be a landslide for Zelensky, winning a 75% to Poroshensko’s 25%. More

10 Comments on UPDATE: Ukraine Elects Comedian As President

  1. “… May Elect A Comedian For President

    We did that one better already. We elected a JOKE as President back in ’08, even if it WAS a black joke filled with dark humor…

  2. “I’ve never actually been president, but I played him on TV.”
    We had a president that played the entire country.

  3. Obama was inadvertently a pathetic clown, and a malignant one. And he was a traitor, and a happy one.

    I’ll take the patriotic comedian anyday.

  4. Let’s hope he’s wise and doesn’t let power go to his head, like a certain bus driver I won’t mention.

  5. Ukraine’s been suffering since when? The 1200s?
    After the Holodomor and Khrushchev maybe they’re due for a few laughs.

    izlamo delenda est …

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