McCain Weighs in on Trump

Sitting side by side with his girlfriend, Graham Cracker, McCain says that Trump is turning peaceful Muslims, which is 99.999.44.3/5ths of them, around the globe against the U.S.

If saying that “putting all Muslims in a database in the U.S.” is turning Muslims against the U.S., then it’s McCain and this Face the Nation pinhead that is doing it, because Trump never said it.

HT/ Jerry Manderin

28 Comments on McCain Weighs in on Trump

  1. Gawd I’m waiting for the day Trump pivots and fires on these two Fags. Lindsey, McCain can only jack you off with his good hand.

  2. The only way they can knock Trump out is to lie.
    I just hope it doesn’t work and all of America can pull that lever – and say FUCK YOU to the Dems, the Republican establishment and the MEDIA!

  3. Nobodies going to believe those to arthritic dinosaurs. I think Trump learned a yuge lesson this week end regarding being set up by 100 black minsters. The rules have been defined. Game on. Ya just fucked up.

  4. I was “in” for four years McCain, but i DIDN’T GET CAPTURED.
    So nobody knows who the fuck I am. My father was a carpenter not an Admiral, so nobody really gave a shit. Only my immediate family really cared. But I lost three good friends in the Twin Towers on 9/11/01 McCain, and no Sir, I do not believe, nor will I ever believe that 99.44 3/5 muslims practice an “honorable religion.” You Sir are an ass.

    I am beginning to believe that Bill Bennett is right. “They” will kill Trump rather than allow him to be President.
    William J. Bennett NTL Conservative blog.

  5. John McCain is an ass. I now believe the war hero stuff was fabricated in order to launch his political career. A leopard cannot change its spots and a man does not go from war hero to four-flusher and snake in the grass. He is as phony as a three dollar bill.

  6. One more thing. Lindsay (snicker, snicker) talks about his plan for this war as if everything he lays out will go according to plan. He can’t even knock Trump out of first place. How’s he gonna put together a “coalition” to defeat ISIS? What a gonad.

  7. Oh! You mean Hanoi Jane McCain and Limpy Graham Cracker. One would hope that this pro muslim roadshow is being promoted by some dumb asses with a soft side……BULLSHIT!They couldnt be so stupid. Either serious dirt is being held over their heads or oil revenues are being doled out. A simple formula of greed over common sense.. Either way, we’ve been sold out

  8. They are out to get Trump at all cost. They can’t afford an honest man in government. It’s going to be an interesting 12 months. Expect the worst and be prepared.

  9. Fuck him and lady marmalade next to him.

    I don’t care he’s slamming Trump, you can expect a RINO to slam anyone who isn’t sucking Jeb! and Kasich dick, but to say islam is peaceful??? Shut up you demented sack of expired shit!

    Arizona, take care of this old motherfucker because it’s time to stuff his ass in a jello filled rest home. Where the hell has his wooden faced puppet of a wife been anyway? She looking for a new daddy?


  10. Well said MJA.
    I could feel the righteous anger in your voice from here.

    I used to think that all of the people worrying for Trump’s safety were nuts, now, not so much.

  11. 99.999.44.3/5ths rings of 99.44…the purity claimed by ivory snow.

    So McCaint is saying the goat fuukers are pure as the driven snow, just like ivory.

    This dude just needs to retire and go live off his bilked millions.

  12. Michael Gerbalson? Bring it on, there’s more of us than You.
    Nobody likes Trump except the voters, Compliments to Frog Leggs.

  13. McCain was known by a different call sign in prison, all his fellow prisoners called him Songbird.
    If his daddy and grandaddy hadn’t been admirals he would have never made it into flight school or washed out, he was a terrible pilot.
    He graduated dead last in his class at Annapolis.
    Was a reverse Ace, crashed and destroyed 5 aircraft.
    Want to know about a real hero prisoner of war, check out
    Louis Silvie “Louie” Zamperini, he recently died at the age of 97.
    Book and 2 movies, read the book, twice and saw one movie, both are really good.
    He was a real Olympic hero, war hero, POW hero, McCain isn’t fit to read this mans eulogy.

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