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McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is getting bigger

Is it getting some taste  tastier, too?


Beefier is better. Or at least that is McDonald’s bet as it tries to increase burger sales.

quarter pounder

The chain is coming out with a bigger quarter-pounder patty that will weigh 4.25 ounces before cooking and have a new shape, making it more of a quarter-pounder plus, according to an internal document reviewed by CNBC.


9 Comments on McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is getting bigger

  1. Bet FLINO would stand in line to scarf down these suckers.

    But of course, God forbid something this tasty would ever be served in a school cafeteria.

  2. You wanna new law? Since everything else is going to hell, let’s spend some time making a law that the fast food you actually receive looks just like it does in the ad. Truth in advertising.

  3. Made a HUGE lifestyle change 10 years ago. Slimmest and healthiest we’ve ever been.

    Only fast food chain we go to is Chik-Fil-A.

    Take that, Mickey-D!

  4. They make the bun smaller, take the leftover bun particles and add it to the beef and… Voila!
    Small bun+ padded meat = HUGE!

    I used to defend mcD somewhat because they seem to sell their products without assholishly comparing themselves to their competition, but since they got mooch and all of them involved in their business- Fuck em. Fuck em in the mouth with their stale fries. Hope they chip teeth, too.

  5. One of my favorite movie scenes ever was the Michael Douglas (machine gun in hand) restaurant scene in Falling Down. “Why doesn’t my burger look like that picture?”

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