Meadows’ Hypothesis: Bolton Book Leak was “Coordinated” to Change Impeachment Narrative

Wa Ex: Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) said he believes that the release of information from former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s draft book manuscript was part of a “coordinated leak in order to change the narrative” surrounding impeachment.

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that “multiple sources” with access to the Bolton manuscript claimed that President Trump told his former National Security Adviser that he wished to withhold security aid from Ukraine until they provided information on his political rivals.

While speaking to reporters yesterday, Meadows said,”My hypothesis is that this is part of a coordinated leak in order to change the narrative. To suggest that any particular Democrat did it, no I can’t do it.”

He then went on to slam Democrats for their history of leaking.

14 Comments on Meadows’ Hypothesis: Bolton Book Leak was “Coordinated” to Change Impeachment Narrative

  1. Bolton is turning out to be a grade A, backstabbing snake in the grass. His whole career has been based on trust in his integrity / honesty and keeping things he was involved in confidential (he has had access to a great amount of classified govt. information over the years). Writing a “tell-all” book now about his supposedly confidential dealings with President Trump proves that he is nothing more than the same swamp scum that has infested DC for decades. In the future, no one should ever trust him any further than I could throw Jerry Nadler from 20 years ago.

  2. There is nothing “FAIR” about the left. It’s win at any cost, they would throw their own mother under the bus and then smile.

  3. I don’t like the warmonger

    but it is the ny times who has reported on the manuscript

    could the ny times be lying about what is in the manuscript ?

    and who leaked it to the ny times ? vindmans brother ? why would he have any credibility ?

  4. I used to think Bolton was a total bad ass. Now I see that he is bad, and a total ass. Not to mention a prick and a back stabber. Trump 2020.

  5. You can add John Kelly to the list of back stabbers and asses.

    All of these pieces of shit thought they could go into the administration and lie to this President and convince him to keep things as they always were. What they didn’t know he’s his own man and wouldn’t go along to get along. So now they all have to go to plan B and get rid of him.

  6. Not to be a jerkass about this but-

    Bolton has been shifty and shady for years- all you gotta do is look at his track record and who he supports and who he endorses on the regular.
    The man is an out and out Warmonger McRino with a large side of Deep State Corruption.


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