Megyn Kelly Meets With Trump at Trump Tower


Donald Trump and the Fox News host Megyn Kelly met at Trump Tower on Wednesday morning, people with knowledge of the matter told CNNMoney.

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes was not in attendance, the people said.

An NBC reporter spotted Kelly entering Trump Tower shortly before noon.

Representatives for Trump and Fox had no immediate comment. But Kelly is planning to discuss the meeting on her prime time program Wednesday night.

Kelly reached out to Trump’s office to set up the meeting, one of the sources said.

The face-to-face chat raises the possibility of a Kelly-Trump interview sometime in the future.

Kelly is known to be seeking high-profile guests for a Barbara Walters-style prime time special on the Fox broadcast network in May.

Trump’s intense dislike of Kelly — who he has called unfair, overrated and even “crazy” — has been one of the subplots of his run for president.


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22 Comments on Megyn Kelly Meets With Trump at Trump Tower

  1. Gosh, I hope the elevator doesn’t break and drop that bitch from Donald’s Penthouse office to the sub basement where she belongs. It’s the sudden stop that kills you…

  2. Since they are in NYC The Donald probably entertained her with a couple Brooklyn Tony jokes.

    Brooklyn Tony ON ENGLISH

    Brooklyn Tony goes to school, and the teacher says, ‘Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?’

    TONY says ‘Mas-tur-bate.’

    Miss Rogers smiles and says, ‘Wow, Brooklyn Tony, that’s a mouthful.’

    Little TONY says, ‘No, Miss Rogers, you’re thinking of a blowjob.’

  3. Popcorn please, She is going to have to wind back the anti Trump hour that she runs nightly before he will go on for an interview.
    Maybe she’s applying for a job????

  4. I will not forget the first question of the first debate – It was not fair, it was not balanced, it was not about any issue. It was a question that Crowley or Maddow would ask of a Republican in an attempt to smear them.

    I have not watched Fox since then

  5. venturaguy, you are exactly right

    much later in the debate, they stated “we’ll be back with social issues next”, but that was what they assaulted trump with at the onset

    kelly was chomping at the bit to attack and make a name for herself, feel sorry for her husband

  6. Gee, a bimbo, lacking any serious capabilities, throws herself at a billionaire so she can get something from him.

    Yawn. So 1950’s.

  7. Sometimes a warrior needs to “sheathe” his “sword” …

    I truly hope they have one of those warm and fuzzy kumbaya moments.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Well, I think we can rule out the possibility that they’re having an affair. Trump’s office and residence are in the same building. Even though the public and private spaces have separate entrances, I would think it would be too risky to entertain a bimbo in that office.

  9. You guys aren’t paying attention.
    All the people you love to hate are going to become your best friends.
    Yesterday Trump said that either Rubio or Kasich would be good choices for him as Veep. Today he hired another GOPe insider to his campaign.
    This meeting with Kelly was setup by Trump.
    Has anyone of you noticed how the barrage of news making statements and tweets have evaporated?
    Trump is rebranding again.
    He will get away with becoming what he has had you all attacking for months.

  10. For all we know, Trump set up the “woman” question at the first debate so the issue was covered and done. As far as Kelly spending her time as a journalist being anti-Trump, so? What the hell do you think he is gonna face if he is the nominee? Kelly will seem like a kitten in a shark tank! Now the two have plausible deniability that they are working together. If Kelly starts doing pro Trump stuff, it’s a huge PR point for Trump. If you think Kelly is evil, you need to think it through.

  11. Kelly is on FOX right now giving Al Sharpton a lot of air time. She wants his opinion on Trump, BLM, and other assorted rubbish.
    I have it on mute because I really don’t give a flying fuck about what he thinks, Or for that matter, what Megyn Kelly thinks.

  12. Yes Kelly requested, and got, an interview with the Donald at Trump Tower. She said that he and his doormen were “gracious.”
    The Donald has them all by the short hairs.

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